Quotable Country – 11/29/10 Edition

November 29, 2010 by C.M. Wilcox 6 Comments

As I fell into a catatonic slumber over the past week, so too did the news cycle. So, here’s a slightly abbreviated Quotable Country… we’ll see about getting back on track next Sunday. Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

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My parents, they raised me to believe that being presumptuous is the most irritating quality in a person. ●

– – Taylor Swift on living in a constant state of surprise.

Any comparison to Kenny [Chesney] is good. Anything we could do that would be along that trajectory would be nice. ●

– – Presumably, Taylor Swift is referring more to the stadium tours, less to the puka shells and fraudulent marriages to Renee Zellweger. But you never know.

Taylor never came to my defense in any interview … and rode it and rode it. If I wasn’t drunk, I woulda been on stage [when I interrupted Taylor] longer. ●

– – Kanye West faults Taylor for not coming to his defense after he insulted her. The guy’s a class act.

“I was just at the Country Music Awards, and one of the snootier, big-label radio people was wearing $300 blue jeans and telling me I wasn’t country because I don’t play traditional country music,” [Jason] Brown said.

“To that I said, ‘Hell, you don’t play traditional country music on your station. If you look at my lyrics and don’t think I’m country, then I reckon you and me are just from two different parts of the country.’”

Brown got his start writing songs for ’90s rap acts, including Kriss Kross… ●

– – Jason Brown, aka Colt Ford, makes the case for his countryness… kinda.

She sang a verse and chorus and was sent on her way. Her phone rang a few hours later, and they asked her to come back. She said she had a sister who sings, too. How about bringing her along?

Each sang separately, then got ready to leave.

“So we’re packing up the guitar and walking out the door,” Laura said, “and they’re like, ‘Wait a minute. Do you guys ever sing together?’ We said, ‘Yeah, we do, we can throw something out there for you to hear.’ So completely unrehearsed — we played a song, and you could literally watch their mouths drop as they listened.” ●

– – Even though they’d been singing together for years, Laura and Lydia Rogers (The Secret Sisters) didn’t become a duo until they were put together by producer Dave Cobb at an open audition.

I’m having a great time. It’s the easiest gig on the planet. It’s like getting away with murder! [laughs] It’s just me and a guitar and the people, so you never know where the show is going to go. Sometimes I’m along for the ride. Sometimes I tell them, “Oh, I forgot you were here, sorry.” I’m just in my own world. They are so sweet. They laugh so much. It’s almost unreal. I keep looking around for somebody to say, “OK, this is a joke.” It’s that good. ●

– – Garth Brooks on his low overhead, $250 per ticket Vegas gig.

I truthfully think that will be the first thing that we do [when we start recording again]. ●

– – Garth on his long-rumored duets album with Trisha.

What I’m saying is I realize that singing with Wynonna and helping her by becoming the harmony singer became a metaphor for our relationship. The harmony is supposed to bolster and enhance and support the lead. … So with my harmony, I listen to her, I accept her reality, I pay attention, do deep listening and then I do whatever I can to color, to bring it out and blend so that it hopefully takes on a new life. ●

– – Naomi Judd on singing harmony in life and music. In other news, in this Friday picture from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, she appears to have turned into a dwarf.

I’d been a fan for such a long time and I can always admire careers–and especially diverse careers–and someone who locks onto something, whether it’s in a comedy or a drama or the variety of things that he’s done, and really wants to knock it out of the park and give solid performances. I’d been a fan of his music, too. I remember buying his first CD and we talked about that years and years ago. We have a love for very traditional country music. ●

– – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on “Faster” costar Billy Bob Thornton.

I had no trouble writing biographies of Ronald Reagan and Beethoven in between these three [Roosevelt] volumes, and could start one tomorrow on [singer] Taylor Swift, if that cutie would permit me. ●

– – Evidently, a quote from presidential biographer Edmund Morris.

It’s kind of a disgrace, I guess you’d say. I can’t stand that stuff. I don’t know who the hell is buying it, but those people need to rethink their musical tastes. ●

– – Whitey Morgan on mainstream country music today.

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Things People Are Saying

Chris says:

November 29, 2010 at 12:03 pm

I agree with Whitey


ChurchsChicken says:

November 29, 2010 at 12:25 pm

I like some country music but I find it annoying when country “singers” like Colt Ford talk about how “country” they are. I don’t care if you are from the country or the city if you are making music I enjoy. And most of the “I’m country” talk makes me have less respect for the singer because being “country” these days seems to involve adopting backward cultural values.

I like country music but I find it increasingly hard to respect many country singers and country musicians. They just seem like such stupid people sometimes.

What we need is country-sounding music, but without the cultural baggage that goes along with it.


Rick says:

November 29, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Whitey Morgan said: “I don’t know who the hell is buying it, but those people need to rethink their musical tastes.” Whitey, thinking and musical taste are both concepts utterly foreign to the “in the moment” airhead types who listen to and purchase Top 40 mainstream country music these days. Don’t expect people who thrive on mass market mediocrity to wise up of their own volition when they are content with what radio feeds them.

Taylor Swift said: “My parents, they raised me to believe that being presumptuous is the most irritating quality in a person.” No Taylor, they taught you wrong. Its the traits of being an arrogant, condescending liberal that is the most irritating quality. You know, like all those elitist program hosts on NPR and the current poor excuse for a president in the White House.

Garth said: “I keep looking around for somebody to say, “OK, this is a joke.”” I agree with you Garth on this one! To me the idea of paying $ 250 to see Garth perform live is truly a joke of epic proportions.

Are these folks who are so impressed with The Secret Sisters even aware of female bluegrass based sister and family acts like 3 Fox Drive, The Cox Family, the Lovell Sisters, or the Peasall Sisters that also sing beautiful female harmony vocals? The Secret Sisters are good, but they are far from unique or unusual when viewed from the bluegrass realm perspective. Crikey!


Sam G says:

November 29, 2010 at 7:14 pm

I don’t think Naomi’s shrinking so much as it is that Wynona keeps growing. Let her loose in Tokyo and the city would never recover.


J.R. Journey says:

November 30, 2010 at 8:19 pm

But should we call her Wy Kong or Judd-zilla?



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