Quotable Country – 02/20/11 Edition

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I swear I didn’t realize it until recently, when I went, ‘Holy crap—I’ve lived the last five years with Geronimo’s hairdo.’
- – If you haven’t read the Billy Ray Cyrus GQ feature yet, you should. Fascinating character study, including passages somehow even more interesting than the above.

It’s a little different position for us – usually we’re the ones who people want to talk to – but she’s in a totally different league. But we just want her to feel she’s around friends and not fans all the time. That’s not fun for her and we don’t want her feeling that way so we’re doing the best we can – even though some of us are very excited to have her around – to make her feel comfortable and part of the family.
- – Nashville Predator Cody Franson on welcoming Carrie Underwood into the Predators family.

I deal with it every day, and I sometimes stand braced and other times just relax and let it go over my head. Frankly, sometimes it hurts my heart to hear someone do his songs.
- – Jessi Colter on hearing people cover Waylon.

Kenny’s a great friend now. He’s a lifer, as we call them. He just called me and left the sweetest message. He just called and sang into the voice mail. I played it for everybody this morning while I was getting myself did up.
- – Grace Potter gets singing voicemails from Kenny Chesney. Between this and her earlier quote about his many texts during VH1 Divas, you have to wonder…

Whether he knows it or not, I spent many hours alone in my room with a Merle Haggard tape or a CD, just repeating it over and over — trying to mimic his singing and trying to do what he did.
- – Joe Nichols learned to sing from Merle Haggard.

Wynonna called me the other day. She’s coming by the house soon to see me. She may even tape CMT’s Southern Fried Flicks with me. Why have I gotten phone calls during the past two weeks from Wynonna, Jamey Johnson, Kid Rock and Alison Krauss? Someone said I was nice.
- – Don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but Hazel Smith has some famous friends.

I feel like the Kiki Dee of country music.
- – Sarah Buxton on her tendency to pop up in supporting roles around the country industry.

We wrote those two songs in one day. It was the craziest session I’ve ever had. To write two songs in five hours that both charted was ridiculous.
- – Kara DioGuardi on “Mama’s Song” and “Undo It.” Somehow, I have no trouble believing that those songs came quickly. The part I don’t understand is how they required four writers apiece.

I didn’t know if people were gonna think it was too cliché. Sometimes you just can’t tell about the public. Sometimes they just grab certain things and you think, why did they grab that? It’s hard to figure.
- – Hmm, anyone else getting an inkling that Ashton Shepherd thinks her own song (“Look It Up”) is cliché?

When you are young, you don’t really have that healthy respect for your profession or for the people who are paying you to perform, to do your job. Back in the day, when I was drinking I thought ‘Whatever happens, happens.’ Now I do a lot to be really focused, to tighten up the shows.
- – Pat Green is taking music more seriously as he gets older.

He’s written “about 20″ songs for the sessions and describes the tunes as “a little more Americana. I don’t want to say rootsy, but I think it’s more ‘me’ than the last record was. The overall goal this time was to go in and have fun.”
- – Uncle Kracker’s going Americana? However little that term used to mean, it now means even less.

It was real neat to watch our fans [interact] with some of the fans that hadn’t been exposed to us. It’s funny to watch my fans take things personally and personally be responsible for all the fans enjoying the show. You see these mini-fights. If a fan is sitting down or not paying attention, you’ll see one of my fans jerk them up by the collar and say, ‘Love it!’ They feel so passionately about our music. They say ‘This is my guy and my music.’
- – Uh, I don’t know. As a serial sitter myself, Eric Church fans sound kind of jerky to me. Why not just let everyone enjoy the show in their own fashion, so long as they’re not disturbing others?

When you start with my middle and last names, how much worse can the expectations be? My father is one of the greatest songwriters who’s ever lived, and I couldn’t write a song like Townes Van Zandt if my life depended on it! But you know going through the door you’re gonna be judged based on that, so you better be ready.
- – Justin Townes Earle in an interesting LA Times article on the children of the Great Credibility Scare of the ’80s, including Chelsea Crowell, Colin Gilmore, and Dustin and Savannah Welch.

It’s certainly different than what it was in the ’90s. Although there are some really great songs, even as there was in the ’90s, there were also some tunes that I didn’t think lyrically were as a good as some others. … Periods of time have different things that say things to people.
- – Marty Raybon. Note to self: Asking star of previous era for his/her opinions on current era not always guaranteed to elicit interesting response. Interviewers just can’t help themselves, though.

So much great music and culture was created in the United States over the past 100 years or so … jazz, bluegrass and all the folk music that developed here. Basically, music has been dismantled and pulverized into pap. In the mid-’20s, when record companies started recording, it was a very pure thing. Early country music and jazz was made by individuals. Groups and performers had their own unique style. All this commercial crap that’s being pushed on people now… It’s amazing they go for it and don’t notice Django Reinhardt or Louis Armstrong.
- – David Grisman.

While we initially focused our efforts solely within the country music genre, now we think of ourselves as leaders of those who play around with the sound. When we started out, pop music wasn’t a hospitable place for our type of songwriting, but now things are changing and we want to bridge the gap between genres. That’s why we’re branching out!
- – Jennifer Nettles wouldn’t call Sugarland country, per se.

But I do think people who love banjo music are cursed in some way, because most people don’t like it and it’s kind of an obnoxious instrument. But I just get a lot of joy out of it.
- – Ed Helms.

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  1. I don’t think being assaulted by an Eric Church superfan would tend to make you like his music more.

  2. Michael A. says:

    More from that Hazel Smith column…

    She’s not that nice. Regarding Piers Morgan: “I don’t think he likes country music, and I prefer not to like someone who isn’t smart enough to like country music.”

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