About Country California

Established in April of 2008, Country California offers a wry survey of the modern country music landscape through a combination of editorials, recommendations, satirical news, and more. Since we’re basically in it for the love of music, we have a lot of freedom in terms of what we cover and how we cover it. We’re just trying to write the sort of country music blog that we would want to read.

The Staff

  • C.M. Wilcox – Founder/Editor/Author
    Guy writing this page and sometimes referring to himself as “we.” Born in Santa Cruz County, a Haggard-obsessed twentysomething now residing in the country music mecca of Sacramento. Likes music, writing, technology, humor, green tea. Loves hearing from readers (hint, hint).
  • Corey “Trailer” Parkman – Fake News Correspondent
    Nice fella. Lives in Mississippi. Also authors the music satire blog Farce the Music.

The Supporters

Back when we accepted donations on site, these people helped make Country California possible. These days, we are pursuing ongoing patronage (and offering some perks) at Patreon.

What they’re saying…

“insightful and often wickedly funny”
– – Chris Neal in Country Weekly.

“… like Chicken Soup for the Country Fan’s Soul.”
– – Dan Milliken of Country Universe.

“Your site is stupid and meaningless and isn’t that well done. Have a good day.”
– – Steve vonBrandt, 1998 Big Bass World Champ and Hall of Fame angler.

“[Country California] features a ‘Fake News’ section that has become something like country music’s version of farcical newspaper The Onion, or like an all-country online cousin to The Daily Show.”
– – Peter Cooper in The Tennessean.

“Love your site!”
– – Patrick Shields of Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 radio program.


Country California takes its editorial independence very seriously, which means:

  • The fact that artists and labels sometimes provide us with music for review purposes has no bearing on how (or even if) that music gets written about on the site. We are unable to write about most of the stuff we receive, so tend to reserve our words for that which we feel most passionately about and that which hasn’t been well-covered elsewhere.
  • We can moderate (edit, delete, sanitize) comments to whatever extent we deem necessary to maintain a civil and welcoming environment for all site visitors, but prefer to exercise this privilege as little as possible. Keep things relatively clean and respectful and you’ll never have to worry about being censored.
  • Except where otherwise noted, Country California claims no rights to images featured on the site. If you do own rights and want an image taken down, contact us and we’ll happily oblige.