Zac Brown Starts a Label; New Luke Bryan Album Due August 9; Dale Watson on Daytrotter

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  1. Rick says

    I tried to catch Mike Stinson’s Sunday show at The Redwood Bar in Downtown LA last weekend but they wer having some kind of belated Cinco De Mayo Street Festival that had streets blocked and packed with illegals, full parking lots, and parking rates jacked up from the usual $ 5 to $ 10! My response was a wholehearted “Ef This Sh*t!” The acoustic Carrie Rodriguez show later that night at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica was much more my speed (with free, plentiful parking thank goodness).

    I really enjoyed The Boots’ “Artists who should have been big” feature and totally agree on Elizabeth Cook, Sarah Buxton, and Katrina Elam. Ashley Monroe and Lane Turner belonged in there as well, and maybe The Jenkins too, but overall it was a worthy list. I got to chat with Sarah Buxton after a show in Fresno back in 2007 (or so) and I reacted to her about the same way that article writer did. Sarah is adorable, in fact to a point Trailer Parkman labelled her sickeningly so in one of his album cover parodies! (lol)

    I was sooo looking forward to tonight’s Opry and then they unplugged my work computer from the internet this afternoon for “server maintenance” right before Opry time! Dang!

  2. ElCee says

    re: Colt Ford “is the country rap trend picking up speed?”
    I would have to say yes – as long as the country traditionalist gatekeepers don’t keep interfering. Young music fans don’t care what “genre” artists come from, they just care about the song/music. I’ve heard some pretty diverse songlists on ipods lately and mixing rap with country seems like a natural progression. And I for one think its a great trend. Check out The Whipps hick hop version of “Take This Job and Shove it” or “Ghettobillies” and tell me you don’t like it.

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