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Youtube Friday: Mike Stinson

Maybe you haven’t heard of Mike Stinson, but you probably know some of his work: Dwight Yoakam’s recording of the Stinson song “The Late Great Golden State” was a highlight of his 2003 set Population Me. After making a name for himself on the Southern California scene, Stinson relocated to Texas earlier this year. As if to artfully represent his own upcoming (at the time) relocation, here he performs a song about California against a backdrop of the Texas flag. Probably not planned… it’s just that there are Texas flags hanging all over Texas, so it’s impossible to take a picture or video within the state that doesn’t somehow include one. Crazy Texans.

Anyway, enjoy the song. By the way, that’s Dave Gleason (Myspace) with the hot electric guitar.


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  1. Hey, its nice to see Mike featured here. Before relocating to Texas he did regular Monday night gigs at The Redwood (Pirate) Bar in downtown Los Angeles. He was also a regular at The Cinema Bar in Culver City (Randy Week’s old hideout) and would perform at the free shows on Sunday afternoon at The Grand Ole Echo during the warmer months on occasion. Mike is missed by all his buddies in what passes for the “country music scene” here in LA and was the leader of the pack before he left. Grant Langston has now taken his place but is far more likely to hit the road and go touring than Mike.

    Dave Gleason, who hails from Ventura, is a top notch guitarist that just loves to play! Dave will join in with any band in L.A. that will let him on stage, and that’s most of them. Dave is one of Southern California’s best “Bakersfield Sound” guitarists and loves to cover songs from Buck and Merle. If only Dave had a voice like Merle or Buck! Oh well…..

    PS – When Mike would introduce “The Late, Great Golden State” he would say “Don’t ask to borrow any money off me! I spent the royalties from Dwight’s cover a long time ago!” (lol)

    • Ooops! I didn’t mean to leave David Serby out of this discussion. If David reads this he might dispute the idea of Grant Langston taking Mike’s place in the L.A. country scene. Let the duel for supremacy begin! (lol)

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