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Youtube Friday: Lane Turner

Could someone please let this man put out a full album… that actually stays on the market? His 2004 album Right On Time suffered an Ashley Monroe-like fate, with a digital release that eventually got pulled (but no digital rerelease so far). Then, to add insult to injury, he finished second to One Night Rodeo on The Next GAC Star.

There have been some encouraging signs this year, with Original Signal Recordings issuing a five-song digital EP* on him and the music video for “Where’s a Sunset” getting played on GAC, so hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him soon. As far as I can tell, the biggest roadblock to his success so far has been his similarity to George Strait – a good person to sound like, I think, but he’ll have to figure out a way to differentiate himself a bit more. The country audience is showing no signs of giving up on its existing George Strait.

Anyway, enjoy an acoustic rendition of “Let You Go,” an underperforming 2006 single:


* The digital EP is not as good as Right On Time.

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  1. I first encountered Lane on his couple of Grand Ole Opry performances back when his Warner’s label singles were going nowhere at AirHead Country Radio. An Aussie music exchange pal had acquired an advance copy of the full “Right On Time” album off FleaBay and sent me a copy and I was blown away at the consistently high quality of all the songs on that album. After that I was able to pick up my own advance copies off FleaBay for a couple of bucks each (they contained a few different tracks on each version) because of Lane’s low profile prior to “The Next GAC Star”. I’m glad to see the support Lane has been getting from GAC and their airing the “Where’s A Sunset When You Need One” music video. I agree with C.M. that although the songs on the new E.P. are good songs they don’t measure up to the “Right On Time” album tracks.

    Hey CM, is there any way you could offer a “Flash Player” link to Lane’s song “Horses”? Man would that song nail the hearts of all those divorced soccer moms that listen to Top 40 country radio….

    • Hey CM, is there any way you could offer a “Flash Player” link to Lane’s song “Horses”?

      Would if I could, but I think that would land me in hot water. I doubt even Lane could post that clip now, as it was recorded for Warner Bros. Good song, though. Little syrupy, but good.

      Talking about music that isn’t even available. What teases.

  2. I wish this guy could finally get a break, too. I really like his sound.

  3. This is the welcome page for the Association web site.

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