You Know Who I Like? Ashley Monroe

ashley-monroeI’ve gushed about Ashley Monroe on other sites, but don’t think I’ve done it here yet, so here goes. Actually, this was a staff recommendation I wrote up for The 9513 back in June, to be included in the ‘Staff Picks for May’ feature. For whatever reason, the feature didn’t end up running that month, so my recommendation got lost in the internet ether. It seemed destined to remain there until the unapologetic Ashley Monroe fanboy in me dug it out of the Gmail archive and posted it here for all the world to see. Which brings us to the present, when I blockquote:

Satisfied – Ashley Monroe

May was a fairly strong month for new releases, with a good number of albums I will probably still be listening to regularly months down the road – efforts by Chuck Mead, Steve Earle, and Alecia Nugent among them. But ultimately nothing excited me more than the long-awaited digital (re)release of Ashley Monroe’s debut album Satisfied. Monroe sounds every bit as heartbroken as Tammy Wynette on lovelorn ballads and holds her own with Dwight Yoakam on a spunky duet of “That’s Why We Call Each Other Baby” – impressive range for a girl who was just nineteen when the collection was first briefly made available in 2006. Thanks be to Hank (and his Cadillac), one of the finest mainstream debuts of the 2000s is finally back on the market.

Whew, I feel much better now. Here’s a video that you might have already seen:

Satisfied is available from digital retailers including iTunes and Rhapsody.

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Leeann says:

    Yay!! You are my hero!

    I love this album, which is probably already well known.

    Have you heard “Canary?”

  2. Rick says:

    Well C.M. we may not see eye to eye on a lot of things, but I’m sure with you regarding Ashley Monroe! The range of her songwriting talent goes far beyond even what is hinted at on the “Satisfied” album. Through some connections I have been able to source a lot of Ashely’s demo recordings that I recently mailed to The 9513. If Brady hasn’t uploaded them on the 9513′s secure music server (for you lucky contributor types) yet, then tell him to get with it! Unfortunately Ashley’s WrenSong Publishing company tracked down the person who was our primary “insider” source of these demo recordings and busted them, so that conduit has sadly run dry.

    Ashley’s recent touring activity opening for Jewel is a really good sign, and her working with Jack White and the Raconteurs brought her to the attention of a lot of new fans. Ashley is still making occasional appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, which is rare for a young, non-label affiliated (ie indie) artist these days, so Pete Fisher hasn’t forgotten about her. Ashley can make a good living with her songwriting abilities, but in interviews she’s stated she loves performing live and will continue to do that whenever she can. I just wish a label like Sugar Hill/Vanguard would pick her up and support her they way they have with Joey + Rory.

    I think its time you lined up an interview with Ashley to ask her what she’s been up to lately and what’s in store for us fans in the near future! Better hurry or Ken Morton will beat you to the punch! (lol)

  3. Dan says:

    Holy crap – I have a huge music crush on this album and have seriously been waiting around for excuses to talk about how good it is! I can’t believe how well this worked out!

    Seriously, there’s so much to like about it. I’m amazed at how smartly she/her producers managed to balance the traditional and the modern, and the songs are all pretty damn solid, sometimes even great. When you throw her voice on top of it all, it’s just ridiculous. It’s so rare to hear music come up aces in pretty much every regard, and this album has moments where it really, really happens (“Satisfied”, “Hank’s Cadillac”). I’m actually anxious to hear more, which is a rare experience for me.

    …So yeah, it’s alright. I don’t know if I’d call myself a ‘fanboy’ or anything…

  4. Lanibug says:

    I love it when others love an artist as much as I do, especially someone like Ashley Monroe. I was able to pick up her album back in 2006 when it was available breifly on itunes and it has been a constant for me since then and I have been turning people on to her ever since. Most people do not believe that she was only 19 when she recorded the album.

    I am so glad that the album was finally released but I have to agree that I wish someone would pick her up and give her a record deal, but I have also heard that she has said that she is going to take her time this time and make sure it is the right deal for her….

    I am also glad that she is getting more publicity for herself but touring with Jewel and by doing the video with Jack White, because more and more people are realizing what a talent she is….


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