You Have to Get Up Early to Keep Up with David Kersh


kersh_davidHis decade-long absence from the country music charts notwithstanding, friend of Country California and ’90s hitmaker David Kersh reports that he is still as busy as ever.

These days, his mornings start well before the rooster crows, as the bundled stacks drop from the delivery truck and hit the sidewalk in front of his house before 5am. By 5:20, Kersh has the papers rolled and packed into the canvas bag secured to the handlebars of his 10-speed Schwinn Continental. He straps on his helmet and pedals hard, trying to get the bulk of his deliveries made before 6am, when ordinary civilians begin rolling out of bed and checking their porches.

According to Kersh, the lifestyle does not come without its hazards:

“It’s still dark and cold when I go out, so I have to bundle up a bit, which restricts my range of motion. That makes it a little harder to throw the papers where they need to go, and some people get real pissy when you accidentally land one in their flowers or bang one against their front door. They even withhold tips because of it. A few times, I’ve gotten distracted by trying to aim my pitch and accidentally run into parked cars and telephone poles. Also, there aren’t really any benefits or anything, and some people sort of frown on a 38-year-old paperboy. But I like the work; it keeps me young.”

Asked what it’s like to have a former country music star in his employ, Kersh’s boss, route coordinator Mitch Higgins, remarked: “That guy used to sing? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you much about him. He’s done an okay job, but we found a kid who’ll do the same for less, so we’re thinking of dropping David from our roster. I hope he has a Plan C.”

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  1. Rick says

    I’m quite disappointed that any article about David Kersh does not include tales of his rocky on again, off again romance with Texas firecracker Kerry Harvick! After Kerry’s sexy Lyric Street music video for “Cowgirls” failed to catch on Kerry found notoriety elsewhere as a bikini clad cover model with Jennifer Hanson on FHM’s “Women of Country Music” issue. Kerry really made her mark though on the Oxygen channel reality series “Bad Girls Club” where a housemate punched her in the face while Kerry was sleeping in bed, and later Kerry went to a bar where she was cheating on David on TV! David has been after Kerry for years to marry him, but his current prospects don’t look good what with newspapers going the way of the dinosaur…

    • says

      Ha, classic Rick comment. I love it, and will try to do a better job of incorporating more attractive women into the editorial mix as opportunities present themselves.

    • It'sFake says

      Too bad that you’re a moron that doesn’t even know the real story behind the off-again, period, relationship between Kerry and David, but that’s hardly surprising. DAVID hasn’t been after KERRY, it’s the other way around. Did you forget that SHE cheated on her HUSBAND with Kersh, or did you not even know that her ratty-ass was married at one point? She WISHES that David would want to marry her at this point. They’ve been broken up for over a year, so someone as “knowledgable” as you pretend to be should try and catch up.

      “I find it hard to believe people are still talking about him” – Hey, if busted ass losers like Leann Rimes and Bryan White are still being talked about, and they are, then there should be a few people to talk about with real TALENT – which neither of those two possess.

    • Carmen says

      This is quite a delayed response, but I had to correct “Rick” on his info from the Bad Girls Club. It wasn’t Kerry who was punched in the face while sleeping, that was another housemate named Jodie. Kerry did get “attacked” by another girl but it was a trussed up affair that Kerry made a bigger deal out of than it actually was. Also Kerry did not cheat on TV. She danced with someone who was overly friendly, and she flirted. Just had to straighten that record. Also, I found Kerry to be whiny and annoying on the show.

  2. says

    Interestingly, my boss’s son, who happens to live across the street from us, makes a very good living as some kind of money guy for a university and his wife is a successful wedding planner. But he also has an early morning paper root. He says that he just likes making the extra money. Some people and their work ethic!

  3. Church\'sChicken says

    I think being a paperboy is a more respectable profession than being a F-list country singer like David Kersh was. So I guess he is moving up in the world.

    Paperboys provide a valuable service. But f-list country singers just sing crappy songs that make your ears bleed. So I give the nod to paperboys.

    I wouldn’t want a kid of mine to become a country singer and spend his or her life playing in seedy bars and singing songs to drunks. Id hope my kids would have a better career than a paper boy but at least I can have some respect for an adult who is a paperboy but I cannot have respect for an f-list country singer.

    • Michelle says

      And What the He** do you do church’s chicken??? Oh yea probably sit on your a** & eat chicken all day hence your name!!!

  4. Becki says

    David Kersh is an excellent singer. I guess you have never really heard him. LIVE he’s even better. If you read this DAVID KERSH– WE LOVE and MISS YOU!! I had several memorable fun nights with you at your shows. You’re a HOOT and an AWESOME singer and entertainer!! I hope someday you’ll be back. I still play your cds. A LOT!!

    • Jim Dunn says

      Agree with Becki and I’m a man. David was my favorite in the nineties, couldn’t wait to see if David’s songs could make it to the top and most of his singles did. Still have both of his cds and what wonderful memories of yesterday they still bring back today. David, your fans will not forget you whatever you do and wherever you go in life. Special thanks for leaving your music with us.

    • says

      Totally true! That man is a much needed voice in country music radio today. There’s been a bunch of imitations. But there has never been one matched. All we’re ever going to never do is never stop loving you David! I always search for videos of you playing live and I have not been able to find one. Break Out that guitar and sing a few please.

  5. serena says


  6. Kyle says

    Had the pleasure of hearing and seeing David play at The Crazy Horse in Santa Ana in 2000. He country-rocked the house with his incredible talent. Met him post concert and he was humble, friendly and sincere. Wish he had continued with his music, but whatever he has decided, is his decision and I respect that. BUT, if he decided to make more albums and tour, I’d be right at the front of the line to buy that CD and a ticket.

  7. says

    I moved to Nashville 17 years ago and I write and sing country music. David it was guys like you let somebody like me dream. I’m nobody today that is famous I have a wife and two kids now. But your music is still puts me back in the old days and it’s like I’m right there again.

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