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Update (4/16): Sorry for the delay. Finally drew our winner for this one. Congratulations to Leeann!

With apologies to the three vocalists who’ve headed up the band since his 1996 departure, Marty Raybon is still the defining voice of Shenandoah. It was his voice that made hits like “The Church on Cumberland Road” and “Two Dozen Roses” so irresistible – a rare point on which Gary LeVox and I agree.

Raybon’s latest solo album, At His Best, was just released by GrandVista/HiFive today, so you probably don’t have it yet. With so many other albums coming out, maybe it wasn’t even on your radar until now. Well, what better way to discover new music than to win it for free from the only country music blog endorsed by 1998 Big Bass World Champ Steve vonBrandt?

Entering is as easy as can be: Just comment below with (a) your favorite Shenandoah song or (b) a haiku about Gary LeVox and we’ll call it good. You have through next Monday (April 12) to enter, then Fake Jamey Johnson will pull a random name out of his beard and send the package on its merry way. He might even throw in a little something extra.

Curiosity piqued? Get posting!

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Michael says:

    I don’t really want to be entered to win the CD, but do want to mention “Somewhere In the Vicinity of the Heart” as my favorite Shenandoah song.

  2. Andrew says:

    I think I’d go with “Always Have, Always Will” as my favorite.

    • Leeann says:

      I don’t have it anymore, but I remember liking their entire debut album back when I had it on cassette. Marty has a great voice and I’ve enjoyed his solo efforts, especially his bluegrass flavored stuff. I think my favorite song of theirs is “Next to You, Next to me.” Pure fun.

  3. Leeann says:

    Oops, I just remembered that I bought used copies of all of their albums awhile back. I need to keep up with all of the music I have.

    I’m interested in this album, though I’m really doubting it’s a mix of Alison Krauss and the Dixie Chicks as Raybon’s been touting.:) I’ve liked the clips that I’ve heard, though I really could live without “Daddy Phone.”

  4. plain_jo says:

    My fav is “Sunday in the South” .
    “Millworker houses lined up in a row,
    Another southern Sunday’s morning glow,
    Beneath the steeple all the people have begun,
    Shakin hands with the man who grips the gospel gun.”

  5. Sabrina5000 says:

    My favorite song of all time is “Ghost In This House”. At the time we had just bought an old 3 story fixer uper house. I’d walk up them creepy stairways and this song always came to mind. I was always singing this song and I could just almost imagine ghosts lurking in them walls. Great Song!

  6. Jethro says:

    They have a lot of good songs but “Moon Over Georgia” is my favorite.

  7. Brocephus says:

    What hurts me the most?
    Not bike rides on broken roads
    But the voice of Vox.

    ~A haiku by Brocephus

  8. Rick says:

    Here’s a haiku I wrote recently about someone else, BUT I’m applying it to Gary LeVox anyway!

    Marxist moron mope,
    Malignant mulatto dope,
    Odumbo’s no hope!

    OK, that didn’t work out so well.

    I know, I’ll take the other approach! Favorite Shenandoah song “Next To You, Next To Me”. Any song that mentions barbecued chicken in aluminum foil and TV Guide is alright in my book.

    • Michael says:

      Ooh, Rick. Be careful. I’m pretty sure it’s not acceptable to use the word mulatto anymore. Regardless of your political views, it’s quite offensive and you should really stop using it. Also, haikus don’t have to rhyme but good effort… I guess?

  9. Paul W Dennis says:

    “Mama Knows” and “Rock My Baby” were my two favorite Shenandoah singles. Other than the Statler Brothers, Shenandoah was my favorite of all the vocal groups based almost entirely on the strength of Marty’s lead vocals

  10. C.M. Wilcox says:

    Updated the post with the winner. Leeann finally won something!

    • Leeann says:

      Yay!! I held off on buying the album just in case I won it here, but I fully expected to continue my streak of not winning.:) To be fair though, I won a really sweet country music book package from Eric Banister at MusicTomes last year. I’ve held onto that stroke of luck everytime I never won anywhere else.:)

      Really though, thanks a lot.

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