Willie’s Marijuana Woes; Dwight Yoakam Back on Warner; NPR Offers First Listen to New Ashton Shepherd Album

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    I read countrycalifornia every day. Really appreciate the work you do. Thanks for the Cowboy Jack column mention. The loss of his home and studio is devastating. To be clear, though, I’m cutting back on the usual features and whatnot and going part time, writing two columns a week. I hope people will enjoy the columns. This will allow me to play music on a full-time basis, and also to fret over mortgage, monthly bills and baby shoes. Perhaps I’ll ask Toby Keith for a loan!
    -Peter Cooper

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      If you’ve wondered before, CM, you’ve definitely made it now! Peter Cooper is one of the favorites in the Ward Household for sure. I’m glad he’s going to spend more time on music, as much as I enjoy his writing.

      “Perhaps I’ll ask Toby Keith for a loan.”


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      Thanks for the kind words, Peter. Looking forward to reading you in a slightly more conversational form and keeping up with the increased musical activity. (Does this mean there’s a better chance of getting you and Eric Brace out as far west as California?)

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        How about as far North as Maine too? Stone Mountain Arts center. We’d drive three hours to get to you, but it’d be worth it to see you there. It’s the best spot with the best food.

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          Leeann, I was just in Portland, Maine, opening for John Prine. Definitely hoping to get back up that way this fall or winter. Thanks. Also working on some California gigs. I’ll go anywhere folks want to hear me. Pennsylvania next week, Texas week after that, etc.

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            Man, I’m bummed that I didn’t even know about that. Portland is only 2 hours from us and we would have driven that for sure. I’m a John Prine fan too, though I think my husband would be going pretty much to hear you.

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