When We Were Young


Stumbling upon an old posting made me wonder about the first posts of some of the familiar country sites out there, so here’s a chronological listing of debuts for the ones that made that information relatively easy to access.

It’s interesting to see all the different approaches to kicking things off, and how much (or how little) each site has changed since its beginning. Maybe these can serve as instructive case studies for the next bunch of folks crazy enough to start their own country music blogs.

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  1. says

    This was a very cool idea for a post. I enjoyed going back and reading those first posts, some of which I had read before, others not. I might have to go leave a comment on one or two of them just for fun… Aww, you even included my old Miranda review!

    I remember when I was first starting my site, and I was trying to decide which current single release I would review first. (I had actually written a review of Josh Turner’s “All Over Me” not long before I wrote the Miranda review, but I never posted it – It was terrible) Since it was going to be my first post, which seemed kind of special, I wanted to pick a song that I thought was likely to be remembered later on. I chose Miranda’s “The House That Built Me”… and I’m glad I did. I definitely think the site’s changed since then, and I like to think for the better, though I didn’t really expect it to anywhere when I started it.

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