Warner Music Buyout; Chris Young Gets a Release Date; Rodney Crowell and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on NPR

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  1. Rick says

    As a techno-troglodite who doesn’t participate on Facebook, I really, really “Don’t Like” that I can’t take advantage of some of these download freebies! Curse you Mark Zuckerberg!

    Wow, that parking lot incident is not exactly good publicity for Stagecoach. It seems that this year they did not even offer 1 Day Passes for sale nor list the artist roster by day until the time of the festival! Are the Stagecoach promoters trying to score a record on Rick’s “Suck-O-Meter”? Instead I got to see two days of shows by Wylie and the Wild West and the Hot Club of Cowtown for $ 30 in nearby Santa Clarita. Hey Stagecoach, bugger off….

    While seeing Carrie Rodriguez last night (man can that gal play a mean fiddle!!!) at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica I picked up a ticket for an upcoming show by Sarah Jarosz. Sarah is featured on occasion on “A Prairie Home Companion” and is a bit too jazz-grass oriented for my tastes, but I expect her live show to be entertaining. I’d much rather see Sierra Hull at McCabe’s but the booker figures Sierra would have a hard time drawing 50 people to a show! LA, what in the hell is the matter with you? Crikey!

    I wonder if this Rusky will sign Bering Strait to Warners Nashville and revive them? In fact, I wonder if Bering Strait is still together as a band? Hmm…

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