Vince Gill Gets a Star in Hollywood; Four New Hank Williams III Records On the Way; Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

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  1. says

    A “Country’s Night to Country” would be great, but with “Country’s Night to Rock,” at least no one can accuse ABC of false advertising.

  2. idlewildsouth says

    Steve Earle doing The Last Gunfighter Ballad? Vince Gill doing The Randall Knife? And can’t wait to hear the guitar work done on Texas Cookin’ by Darrell Scott. Can’t wait.

  3. says

    But there are precious few folks standing around today who are fit to fill the shoes of the music giants in any genre.

    Meanwhile, out of the other side of his mouth, Chet Flippo defends these very pretenders. What a hypocrite.

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