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Trick Pony Calls It Quits

Popular country music group Trick Pony has officially called it quits, reported guitarist and sometimes-vocalist Keith Burns from his condemned one-bedroom apartment in East Nashville. Burns, who sang lead on the group’s 2002 hit “Just What I Do,” issued the statement on behalf of all the group’s members, most of whom had already left several months ago. In fact, Trick Pony was effectively a one-man band for the last year of its existence.

“When Heidi left in December 2006 – and seriously, no hard feelings about that – Ira and I decided to look for a replacement. We found Aubrey, but then she left a few months later,” explained Burns, stroking his disheveled, alcohol-soaked beard, a far cry from the sleek five o’clock shadow he wore at the height of his fame. “Ira and I were looking for another girl singer, thinking possibly Lila McCann might be available to do something with us, and then all of a sudden Ira left. So then I was out a bassist and a singer.”

Burns courageously forged ahead on his own, refusing to let the Trick Pony dream die. After posting numerous “musicians wanted” ads on Craigslist, waiting in vain for Curb to drop Newfield, and showing up drunk and bandless at several self-booked Trick Pony gigs, Burns finally gave up the fight last night. The decision was reportedly made over a lukewarm meal at a Nashville-area soup kitchen.

The band’s website will remain up at until March 27, when the hosting company will unsuccessfully attempt to bill $9 to one of Burns’ five maxed-out credit cards. Burns has taken a job at a local women’s nightclub while he considers his next career move.


Actual screenshot of Trick Pony site.

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  1. Sad really. It’s Highway 101 all over again.

  2. That screenshot is unbelievable. Apparently he is teaming up with Michelle Poe now. He looks lonely.

    • He does look awfully lonely on that big page all by himself.

      Poe came through this area as part of Dierks Bentley’s band a few years ago. I wonder if Burns and Poe is still happening. Their label is listed as Country Thunder, which just folded recently.

      • Yeah, I saw Dierks open for George Strait, maybe 3-4 years ago, and she was playing bass and Dierks let her sing a song. Not a very good time to have your label fold. Ouch!

  3. Wow I can’t believe that they actually put that up on the website, I would’ve thought he’d try a solo career or something but it seems he’s determined to keep the name alive.

  4. It does look a bit silly being the only person in the band (isn’t a band supposed to comprise more than one single member?). BlackHawk managed to “pad out” the group by incorporating their backing band into the main line-up. I know it was said as a joke, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Lila McCann to be the lead singer; I don’t think she’s the best singer, of course, but people do know her, it saves introducing an unknown (like Lonestar have done) and she might not be incredibly busy.

  5. I scoured over this article and I’m still trying to determine which parts of it, if any, are fake! (lol)

    Michelle Poe put out a CD single back in 2003 with the songs “Just One Of The Boys” and “Love City” which are still readily available though Amazon for 50 cents or less. maybe she’ll do better this time around with Keith. I’ve heard their first single as a duet will be “Pour Me” with Michelle wearing a string bikini……

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