Tim McGraw Re-Ups with Curb Records

Moments after apparently winning a long struggle for freedom from Curb Records, Tim McGraw re-signed with the label on Wednesday afternoon, citing a “really good feeling” that the historically contentious relationship would “turn a corner” in the months and years ahead.

“As I got to thinking about the situation, I realized that Curb wasn’t really a bad label. I had a lot of success with them over the years,” said McGraw. “Maybe if I had tried harder in the studio or spent more days on the road or something, things between us could have worked out better than they did. Whatever the problem was, it was probably somehow my fault. I owe it to them, and we owe it to each other, to give this thing another shot and stick it out for the sake of the fans.”

McGraw’s friends are uniformly, if quietly, criticizing the singer’s decision to re-sign with the label that abused him for so long, with one even suggesting that he might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. When these insinuations are brought to his attention, McGraw grows indignant: “They don’t understand. Mike says it will be different this time, and I believe him. As far the Stockholm thing, I’m not even Swedish.”

With artist-label relations resuming as normal, McGraw’s Emotional Traffic album is still on track for a 2019 release. “Mike says this album could take my career to the next level, but only if we get it right. You can bet your ass we’re going to take all the time we need to get it right. It’s too important to mess up.”

New, deluxe editions of all of McGraw’s hits albums will be released to commemorate the re-signing.

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  1. says

    Well as long as Tim can just continue to bring out great music and they can represent him as great as possible then that’s all that matters right?

    And of course they need to look after Tim the right way too… It’s what any artist would want!

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