This Week in Twitter Inanity

All the important (cough, wheeze) tweets of the past week…

I love this new adam lambert single so bad!!! – bomshel

Realizing how many of my things have the abbreviation BP written on them. Great. Just #~@<*^£¥ great. – BradPaisley

I love to stare at people in their cars at stop lights. – kelliepickler

Took sip out of my sweet tea. Something came thru straw. Noticed it wasn’t ice. I spit out a drowned FLY! – cowboytroy

Julianne’s new video is alright, if you’re into that sort of thing. – notchuckwicks

Not pre-ordering my album tomorrow is like open-hand slapping your grandma and yelling “Now cook me some biscuits bitch!!” – blakeshelton

I think it’s been six months since I checked MySpace. I may have missed something. Probably not. – JasonIsbell

A new summary of the course of human history: MenMenMenMenMenMenJaneAustenMenMenMenMarieCurieMenMenTwitter – rosannecash

Extreme Home Makeover is once aging killing me!!!! Bawling! – leannrimes

Be honest… do you text and drive? My guess is most of you will say yes and some of you will lie :) – JaronATLRTL

Yesterday I finished all the vocals on new record next is overdubs I’m thinking about making one of the songs a duet how about Tim McGraw – cmorganmusic

I asked the flight attendant how she was doing. She said, “ask me when you’re getting off the plane”. I have no idea how to take that. – Randy Montana

I have Bieber fever. Don’t hate – dannygokey

I hear Josh Gracin is so broke, every time it rains he follows Little Jimmy Dickens around trying to find a pot of gold. – NotJakeOwen

Just wrote a good song!!! – fastryde

This Damn HEAT is about to Kill a Fat Guy. – coltford

Holy shit. Robert Plant, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller all in one band??!! Did I die? Am I in heaven?! AND covering Los Lobos? *DEAD* – michellebranch

ToreDallas a new one last night!Thx to R.Flatts for inviting us to be on the show!kickass crowd!It was like throwing gas on a fire..EnFuego! – johnrich

Driving through Portland, and just passed a sign for an “Elephant Garlic Festival”. You see something new every day. – jennettemccurdy

Yes they’re real and fabulous ;) – iamjessiejames

Thought I heard Underwood singing “Undo It” in bathroom, turned out daughter had hair caught in shower door. – DrunkenMartina

Got the night off here in Iowa! Food, bass pro shop then who knows! – TheJoshThompson

Ibuprofen would be a much better drug if it were slightly hallucinogenic. – JaidaDreyer

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  1. Sam G. says

    It’s rather depressing to see the spelling and grammatical skills of today’s country music stars. I don’t care if you’ve only got 140 characters, capitalize a damn proper noun every now and then, will you?

  2. says

    FAST RYDE wrote a good song?! I dunno, classics like “That Thang” and “Top Down” are pretty hard to top. (drowning in sarcasm)

    Enjoyed the Rosanne Cash tweet, as well as the obligatory Drunken Martina inclusion.

  3. says

    I don’t just stare at people in cars, I smile and wave enthusiastically at people in passing cars as if I think I know them. Hey, why not have a little fun with the people? It’s not like you’re ever gonna see ’em again! If I ever went on a car ride with Kellie Pickler, it would be such a hoot.

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