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The Big One: Country California’s First Anniversary Spectacular

first-birthdayThe two winners of the Charlie Robison giveaway were just selected. A hearty congratulations to Chad and Blake, who each have an autographed copy of Beautiful Day coming their way courtesy of Dualtone Records. If you didn’t win, don’t stop reading now. There’s still one more copy up for grabs, along with a lot of other good stuff.

It was a year ago tomorrow that things started happening around here - readers, comments, links from The 9513. I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people for the interesting journey of the past year: Everyone who has read or commented. The people who have been kind enough to email words of appreciation and support. (Surprisingly, I’ve yet to receive any hate mail.) The 9513 for always being so supportive and taking a chance on a goober like me. Trailer for all the entertainment and help with the Fake News series. Steve vonBrandt for being the 1998 Big Bass World Champ.

Oh, this isn’t an acceptance speech? Let’s move on to the big giveaway then.

In all of the previous giveaways, we’ve had 1 or 2 winners. This time, there will be 7 winners, and all but one will get to choose his or her own prize. Winner #1 will pick from all seven items, Winner #2 will pick from the remaining six, Winner #3 will pick from five, and so on. Winner #7 will get the last remaining item.

Without further ado, here are the seven prizes:

Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day (autographed)
We have one last autographed copy of the new album from Charlie Robison, which is a very well put together ‘divorce album’ with a nice emotional arc to it. Some are calling it Robison’s best album ever; it’s certainly somewhere up near the top. Thanks to Dualtone Records for supplying this prize.

Chuck Mead - Journeyman’s Wager (autographed)
We also have one more autographed copy of the new album from former BR549 frontman Chuck Mead, which I think is quite a bit more interesting (because more diverse) than much of his work with that popular honky tonk group. Thanks to Thirty Tigers and Grassy Knoll Records for supplying this prize.

Devil Makes Three - Do Wrong Right
I feel like I’ve probably already waxed poetic about this record enough, so I’ll just quickly reiterate that I love it and think that everyone should check it out. Karlie Justus wrote a good review of it for The 9513 which you may want to check out. Thanks to Milan Records for supplying this prize.

Eric Church - Carolina
I rated this 3.5 out of 5 stars back when it was released in March, but might upgrade it to a 4 if you caught me in the right mood. While most mainstream acts are churning out collections of songs, Eric Church has committed himself to making albums. He still needs to step up his songwriting (which sometimes tends toward the cliche), but his sophomore disc is a surprisingly compelling listen and one of the strongest mainstream releases of the year. Thanks to Capitol Nashville for not supplying this prize.

Holly Williams - Here With Me
The sophomore effort from Holly Williams, daughter of Hank Jr. and half-sister of Hank III, is an intimate portrait of a strong woman feeling her way through matters of the heart. Highlights include “Mama,” “Three Days in Bed,” “A Love I Think Will Last,” and Williams’ soulful delivery. Thanks to Mercury Nashville for supplying this prize.

Reba: Season Six on DVD
The final season of Reba McEntire’s hit show Reba just came out on DVD this past Tuesday. “Get ready to join country superstar Reba McEntire and bid farewell to America’s first family of down-home dysfunction in the hilarious and heart-felt final season of Reba. McEntire stars as Reba Hart, a feisty single mother whose family is feeling some major growing pains. Van and Cheyenne are expecting a baby, Kyra wants to drop out of school, and Brock and Barbara Jean’s marriage is on the rocks—again. And, as usual, Reba is caught in the middle, doing all she can to keep the peace—and her sanity. All it takes is a little tough love… and a whole lot of heart.”

Reba: Season Six on DVD (second set)
20th Century Fox and M80 hooked us up with two sets. Get posting, Reba fans!


Just make any sort of comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing. Couldn’t be any easier.

For this giveaway only, you can also double your chances (get two entries instead of one) by interacting with Country California on a social network. You have two options:

  • Post a comment on Country California’s Facebook wall (join the group to do so).
  • Help spread the word on Twitter by posting Country California (@countryca) is giving away some of the best CDs of 2009 - Feel free to customize the message if you like, but be sure to leave the link and the @countryca so I can easily locate and credit you for the tweet.

Entries will be accepted through Sunday, July 5. There might be one or two opportunities to win additional entries between now and then (besides the bonus point for social networking), so keep an eye out.

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  1. Hot damn, yet another chance to miss out on the “Devil Makes Three” album! (Karma sucks, what can I say…) I already have the fine albums from Chuck Mead and Holly Williams and don’t much care about the rest. I’ll be last on the losers list anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter after all! WooHoo! (lol)

  2. Wow, that’s quite a giveaway. I don’t have any of that cool stuff, but that’s not why I’m commenting. I just want to congratulate you on your first year anniversary, CM. Keep up the great work - this is the only site in my Favourites menu!

  3. Ha, nice Twitter/Facebook integration, you blitz-marketer, you!

    And congratulations. It’s so weird to think you and I entered the blog community at pretty much the same time last year; that just seems like forever ago based on how much Country Ca has grown in that time. Anyway, I can tell it’s been a real labor of love, and you really do have some great stuff to show for it. So I guess all there is to say is kudos, and keep it up!

  4. I RT’d somebody else’s tweet about your giveaway.

    I entered the blogging realm shortly after you and have enjoyed reading your blog and watching it grow… even being a small part of it. Your site provides a different perspective on the usual news and reviews. I don’t participate in the discussions as much as I should but they’re usually enlightening. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great posts! Love the site. Congrats!

  6. This is not an entry for a prize as I do not want to be a prize whore (by the way, thank you very much for the Aaron Watson hook up last month). I just wanted to say congratulations on the anniversary.

  7. Congrats! I love this blog. Quotable Country is the best and most consistently funny feature on any music blog.
    P.S. I’m a Reba fan!

  8. I would be quite happy winning something, anything. Please let me be a winner for once. ;)

  9. Any sort of comment? Well that was easy…

  10. Congratulations on your 1 Year Anniversary! I have definitely found myself visiting the site more and more frequently over the last few months. I particularly enjoy the rank a discography feature.

  11. Mmmmm free Cd’s

  12. Congrats from all of us at My Kind of Country! I already have the Reba set and the Charlie Robison and Eric Church albums. I’d sure like a free copy of that Holly Williams album though.

  13. Hmm I want all the prizes, too bad it’s not all one prize that would be cool.

    This is one of the few sites I come back to every chance I get, my new place doesn’t have internet so I only get to go to a feew sites and don’t comment as much as I’d like to, but this is one of my favorite.

  14. Ha..Yay for Steve VonBrandt!

  15. Wow! More prizes! I’m impressed. I love to enter contests whether I win or not. This is a great site. Keep up the good work.

  16. I’m older than some (most) of your readers so some of what you cover whizzes by me, but I enjoy your website and view it daily

    Congrats and keep it going !

  17. Congratulations on your first anniversary. These days that’s quite an achievement at the rate blogs come and go.


  18. That’s a nice lineup of music, not to mention Reba on DVD. I already have Chuck Mead’s new one. It’s good. Congrats on your first anniversary. You fake news reports are hilarious. Some are so close to sounding true, I wonder if some belive believe them.

    • I gotta jump in and say congrats as well because Twitter just doesn’t seem to carry the same significance. It’s not etched in stone or bits or whatever for all of eternity to see…

      I responded to KathyP because when I’m flying through my feed reader I don’t typically check the source till the end, so I read through some of the fake news articles and start to get angry until it just becomes too silly to be believable and I gotta laugh cause I know it’s CM.

      • Brady - me, too. Until I realized there was a subheading. Great stuff, all.

        BTW, is Kellie Pickler really dating Kid Rock, for the past year, no less? I guess some things you can’t make up.

  19. I’m a little late chiming in, but just wanted to add my voice those congratulating you on this important milestone. Keep up the good work!

  20. Congratulations, C.M. The hard work that you’ve put into this website shows in the quality of your material. The quotable country stuff alone was enough to get me here. And hey…what other websites include stories on Martina Mcbride’s cover of Danzig, or Ray Price’s love of Gloriana. This is the type of information that CMT and GAC is simply too afraid too report. After all, most modern country music fans haven’t even heard of Danzig or Ray Price.

    In all seriousness, keep up the good work. You really have a neat site here.

  21. Thanks for some of the nice things you guys (PC note: that includes girls) have been saying. Entries will be accepted through next weekend, so keep ‘em coming. And remember that you don’t have to say anything nice to get your name in the drawing: you just have to say something, period. You’ll get just as much consideration for insulting me. That should keep things interesting.

  22. Maybe I’ll win!!

  23. I almost forgot to enter! That would have been a big mistake…

  24. Congrats! I love your site. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Charlie Robison CD!

  25. Congrats on one year. I check the site at least once a day for a good laugh or quality music recommendation. Thanks.

  26. Found this through Twang Nation; nice giveaway + the robison home concert - sweet!

  27. “Surprisingly, I’ve yet to receive any hate mail.”

    Even from John Rich? You’re right, that’s surprising ;)
    Seriously, I always enjoy reading your site.


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