The 10 Stupidest Things Said by John Rich (On the Record, So Far)

In this Quotable Special Edition, we bring you the dumbest things said by John Rich on the record, so far. The “so far” stipulation is necessary because there’ll certainly be more doozies to come, and “on the record” because, well, if this is the stuff he’s willing to own up to in public, can you just imagine all the ridiculous nonsense he’s spewing in private? It boggles the mind.

Here we go:

I’m probably somewhat of a walking dichotomy, I guess. Some of my favorite singers were like that too, like Johnny Cash.
– – In 2007, Rich grasps at some Cash cred.

Somebody’s got to walk the line in the country. They’ve got to walk it unapologetically… And I’m sure Johnny Cash would have been a John McCain supporter if he was still around.
– – Upping the ante significantly in 2008, Rich claims to speak for the late Cash while stumping for a political candidate. This comment rightly earned Rich a rebuke from Rosanne Cash.

There are these common theories of what music is — black people listen to this music; white people listen to that music; Spanish people listen to their music. MuzikMafia broke the myth of that and proved it wrong. What it stands for has permeated throughout the country. The Wu-Tang Clan knows what the MuzikMafia is. Wyclef Jean thinks MuzikMafia is the best thing that ever happened to music, because he shares that sentiment.
– – In 2009, Rich seems to claim credit for the entire history of racial cross-pollination and borrowing in music, despite being born well after the advent of rock ‘n’ roll, Hank Williams learning guitar from Tee Tot, etc.

Well, here’s the balance that I try to strike, and that is you can be as aggressive as you want, as long as it’s on behalf of finding the greatest thing you can. And that goes with my own personal career. As long as you always have the music as the main focus and not your own ego or anything else, it’s always about is this the best I have – Can I do this? Is this what the audience deserves to hear? Is this my best foot forward?
– – Honestly, John Rich on putting music before ego? Is anyone actually buying this crap?

I think if you legalize [gay marriage], you’ve got to legalize some other things that are pretty unsavory. You can call me a radical, but how can you tell an aunt that she can’t marry her nephew if they are really in love and sharing the bills? How can you tell them they can’t get married, but something else that’s unnatural can happen?
– – Rich’s opinion on same-sex marriage is apparently informed by the seemingly unrelated experience of having once been legally barred from marrying his aunt, a circumstance about which he still harbors ill feelings.

We have to respect the fans’ ears and eyes and give them something that’s for real. Don’t try to con them. And I think that’s why ‘American Idol,’ in my opinion, is just dive-bombing. I can’t stand watching it. I wouldn’t want to be on that show now if you gave me a 100 dollar bill.
– – John Rich while promoting Nashville Star.

I wouldn’t touch Nashville Star with a 40-foot pole.
– – John Rich after completing stint on Nashville Star.

Hey, you’ve got to hit this gay thing head on, you’re not gay, are you? If you are, people won’t have it. It’s sick, it’s deviant; it’s unacceptable to country music fans.
– – John Rich to Chely Wright, as reported by Chely Wright. (Rich doesn’t seem to recall having made this comment, but it’s not a stretch given his history and the fact that the even his manager was recorded as saying “One thing about the music business, country music business in particular, is, you know, as long as you’re not a child rapist or gay, you can get away with a lot … You know what I mean?”)

I would never pass judgment on any friend of mine.
– – John Rich responds to publicity surrounding his (alleged) comments to Wright. Anyone buying it?

I’m thinking about running for governor of Tennessee in 2010 right now, so, you know, be watching.
– – Oh, we will, John. We will.

This is as good a time as any to mention that my absolute favorite Rich-related quote came not from Rich, but from Jerry Montano, who said, upon being hit in the face by Rich’s beer bottle, “The little guy hit me.” Classic. For more Rich-related goodness, you might want to revisit our 2008 challenge, Compliment John Rich.

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