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In a cynical, conglomerated media environment, we believe that independent voices matter.

Sure, some country music ‘fan blogs’ look and feel second-rate.

Site layouts straight out of 1995. Poor spelling and grammar. Content that’s more press release than, well, content.

Fundamentally, though, we don’t believe that work done out of passion has to be less than anything.

The trouble with putting that belief into action is that we independent bloggers are generally blessed with all the passion and none of the resources of our friends in the corporate world. We don’t have the promise of an hourly wage. We don’t have different teams to handle different aspects of managing a site, from coding to creating content to social networking. We don’t have the name recognition of an international media behemoth to open doors for us.

All we have is a love of music and a desire to see it treated right.

Which is great, but also somewhat limiting.

No wonder so many indie country blogs are less than they could be. No wonder so many die out too soon.

If independent music coverage matters to you, make it possible. Help us keep the site alive.

Your monetary contributions allow us to spend more time creating content, make technical upgrades related to speed and usability, expand our efforts into unexpected new realms (e.g. podcasting), and generally keep everything rolling along smoothly.

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