Support the Concert Calendar on Patreon!

Hey. I’m that guy who sends you the Northern California concert listings at the beginning of each month. Have all my messages been making it through your spam filter lately?

Country music is well-represented here in Northern California. With a variety of stations and venues hosting shows, there are also many, many fans trying to keep track of all their entertainment options. I know this because the size of my subscriber list quadrupled in 2014 without any advertising on my part. This DIY concert roundup thing is way bigger than I ever thought it’d be.

When I sent out my first call for support six months ago, a small handful of folks were kind enough to send a few bucks. One man suggested Patreon as a funding option to look into for the future. Another gentleman took it upon himself to set up a repeating donation of $5 per month through PayPal. (I was so surprised that I emailed him to make sure he hadn’t somehow done this by accident.)

As I looked into the Patreon suggestion, I realized that (a) it made good sense and (b) it was basically what the repeating donation guy had done. Patreon is like Kickstarter, but with recurring donations for ongoing work.

You could also think of patronage as a subscription/pledge for something you hope will continue happening… like, for example, monthly concert listings in your inbox. Yep, you guessed it: This is my rambling way of saying that the Northern California Concert Calendar is now included, along with a couple of my other pet projects, in a new Patreon campaign that you can support.

Clicking the link, you’ll notice a special CONCERT BUDDY level at $2 per month. For you, $2 is hopefully a small enough amount that pitching in will seem fair and doable. For me, seeing the climbing tally of patrons who appreciate comprehensive concert roundups will provide motivation to keep plugging away. The funds raised will also help with growing pains (did I mention the subscriber base quadrupled last year?) and allow me to spend extra time making the listings more complete and useful. I have some planned improvements that can only happen with your support.

So, that’s that. Pledge if you’re able. Either way, I’ll be hitting your inbox with the February concert roundup in just another week or two. Best wishes for a happy 2015 to you and yours.

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