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Story Behind Song Not That Interesting

One of the writers behind Easton Corbin smash “A Little More Country Than That” sat down with us recently to share the dreadfully uneventful story of the song’s creation.

“I was driving to the writing appointment, and it was raining something fierce. All of a sudden, the engine in my truck started rattling. I thought ‘Oh boy, I’m gonna be stuck out here in the rain and miss the appointment. This will be a story to tell.’ But then then the rattling stopped, and I made it to the appointment just in time,” said Wynn Varble, who cowrote the song with friends Rory Feek and Don Poythress.

“I got in the writing room and was throwing ideas around with the boys, but like it does sometimes, it just wasn’t happening. We started joking about going out and raising some hell just so we’d have something to write about,” said Varble, hinting that the story might soon take a wild turn.

“But then we buckled down and got it done,” he continued, diffusing the momentary suspense and intrigue. “Someone had the idea of making the song about how country someone was, which seemed like a pretty good idea. It flowed out pretty easily after that. We probably got it done in an hour or two. I don’t really remember. When you write enough songs, they all sort of bleed together. It’s a lot like having kids in that way.”

“Then we went to lunch,” added Varble. “I had a steak sandwich, glass of sweet tea. It was a pretty good day.”

But how did the song find its way to Easton Corbin, who would turn it into his debut hit?

“Oh, I don’t know. They get passed around. My publishing company knows a guy who knows a guy… you know, that sort of thing. I don’t really have much to do with it once the demo is done. Of course, I was thrilled when I heard that this new guy, Corbin Bernsen, had a hold on it. That’s always what you hope for as a songwriter. And of course his cut of it was just great, as everybody knows. So, that’s about it.”

Concept by Brady Vercher. Find more satirical articles in the Fake News archive.

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  1. I disagree about the story behind “A Little More Country Than That” being boring and not interesting! Compared to the lyrics and song itself, the story is a barn burning page turner!

    PS – Is Easton Corbin related in any way to the Corbin custom motorcycle seat manufacturing company? That would be far more interesting than any of his music thus far….

  2. I like Corbin’s voice. But that song is dreadfully boring. A good piece. Funny too. The fake news is more interesting than the song itself.

  3. The story isn’t that interesting, I agree, and I also agree with the fact that the lyrics aren’t that great either. However, Corbin has a wonderful voice, and by that alone the song becomes great, because it’s always a delight hearing him sing.

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