Songs About Hands (Playlist)

Add this to the list of playlists so obscure that nobody else would ever actually want to listen to them. I limited myself to one song per artist. As always, you’re welcome to make your own additions in the Comments section.

  • Angel’s Hands – Rodney Atkins
  • Back of Your Hand – Dwight Yoakam
  • Daddy’s Hands – Holly Dunn
  • Dear Lord, Take My Hand – Maddox Brothers and Rose
  • Devil’s Right Hand – Steve Earle
  • Does My Ring Burn Your Finger – Lee Ann Womack
  • Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger – Charley Pride
  • Fate’s Right Hand – Rodney Crowell
  • Fist City – Loretta Lynn
  • Hand in the Fire – Clint Black
  • Hands On Man – Jeff Bates
  • Humdinger on Her Finger – Byron Hill
  • I Can’t Keep My Hands Off of You – Waylon Jennings
  • In the Palm of Your Hands – Gord Bamford
  • Jesus, Hold My Hand – Vern Gosdin
  • On the Other Hand – Randy Travis
  • Put Your Hand in Mine – Tracy Byrd
  • Right In the Palm of Your Hand – Alan Jackson
  • Right Left Hand – George Jones
  • Slow Hand – Conway Twitty
  • Stone Cold Fingers – Leland Martin
  • There’s No Holes in These Hands – David Allan Coe
  • Unwound – George Strait
  • Wrapped – Bruce Robison
  • Wrapped Around – Brad Paisley

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  1. Blake Boldt says

    Lee Greenwood, “Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands”
    Sarah Johns, “One in the Middle”
    Randy Travis, “Look Heart, No Hands”

  2. Anonymous says

    Chalee Tennison – “Handful Of Water”
    Cherryholmes – “Greedy Hands”
    Jason Sellers – “Til I Felt Your Hands”
    Joey Daniels – “Hands On You”
    John Anderson – “Keepy Your Hands To Yourself”
    Lace – “He Can’t Talk Without His Hands”
    Mary Chapin Carpenter – “Family Hands”
    Mindy McCready – “If I Feel Your Hand”
    Ty Herndon – “Hands Of A Working Man”

    ~Jordan Stacey

  3. Brody says

    I broke the “one song per artist” rule, but here’s a few from ye ole iTunes search:

    “Hands” – Guy Clark
    “Through Your Hands” – John Hiatt
    “Cold, Cold Hands” – Johnny Bush
    “These Hands” Johnny Bush
    “Hands Can Say A Lot Beneath the Table” – Johnny Bush
    “Our Hearts Are Holding Hands” – Bonnie Owens/Merle Haggard
    “My Hands Are Tied” – Merle Haggard
    “16 Hands” – Wylie and The Wild West

  4. Chris N. says

    Skeeter Davis, “Hand You’re Holding Now”
    Sons of the Desert, “Hand of Fate” (presumably not Fate’s right hand; maybe the other one)

  5. Tom says

    I am writing a book about the hand, how it works and how central it is to our culture and way of life. I want to help people gain an awareness of just how important the hand is and how it works on our behalf. the book is designed to be nontechnical and user-friendly with fun insights and mini-experiments that show how our hands do what they do best. BUT, I don’t want the book to be blah, so I am creating links in it to art, graphics, writings, images, mini-movies, and hopefully music. Your list is obscure but the title and interest is important. Any more suggestions or advice how to listen to the selections you have listed? I am perfectly willing to get a general license or internet-medial license to play any of the chosen songs. Your help and expertise will also go into the Acknowledgements section.
    Dr. Tom

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