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Shania Twain Records Racy “Party for Four” with Love & Theft

loveandtheftWell-positioned sources in Shania Twain’s camp have given us the inside track on the mysterious announcement due Friday, August 28. Word of the announcement began circulating last week, and some suspected that it might concern a video diary of Twain’s life since her split from husband and producer Mutt Lange in 2008.

Not so, say our sources. In fact, the truth is much stranger:

In an apparent attempt to recapture the magic of her last big hit, Twain will repeat the formula of pairing up with a hot young country act for a duet on the perky “Party for Two.” Five years after her collaboration with then-newcomer Billy Currington resulted in her last top ten single, Twain recently headed into the studio with up-and-comers Love & Theft, whose fresh-faced three-part harmony is sweeping the nation on the heels of their Tuesday album release, to remake the song as “Party for Four.” The move has Nashville insiders buzzing.

“To my knowledge, this is the first country song ever about a ménage à quatre,” said respected country music scholar and coauthor of Finding Her Voice: Women in Country Music, 1800-2000, Robert K. Oermann. “Beyond that, the fact that it details a tryst between Twain, a fortysomething divorcee, and a trio of metrosexual men young enough to be her children only adds intrigue. This is just delicious news.”

Meanwhile, columnist and author of How to Score High-Profile Writing Gigs in Industries You Know Almost Nothing About, Alison Bonaguro, pointed to the intermingling of musical styles represented by the collaboration. “Shania comes from more of a pop/bluegrass background, whereas Love & Theft is more traditional country with outlaw accents, so this is certainly an unexpected pairing,” she posited by email.

“Party for Four” goes for adds starting Monday, August 31. GAC has taken the unusual step of preemptively banning the as-yet-nonexistent music video, calling it “obscene” and “not suitable for families.”

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  1. How to Score High-Profile Writing Gigs in Industries You Know Almost Nothing About

  2. Ah, so you must have read a certain blogger’s comment about Love and Theft that reads something exactly like this:

    “Even the plucky guitar on their latest single, “Runaway,” feels countrier than some of the other neo-traditional stuff on the radio these days.”

    I was hoping this pearl of wisdom would make it into your Quoteable Country, but this is better.:)

    I may not classify bluegrass very well, but I can safely say that Shania is my very favorite pop bluegrass artist.:)

    • They play neo-traditionalist stuff on the radio? I’m confused.

      • Mike,
        Be confused. I think you’re supposed to be. Yes, they play a tiny bit of neotraditional stuff: George Strait (not his latest though), Brad Paisley, Jamey Johnson. But L&T certainly don’t feel countrier than them. You’re right that not much neo-traditional music is played on radio right now, not even the artists I’ve mentioned some of the time. I don’t think Allison’s definition of neo-traditional fits everyone elses definition. Either that, or she’s just trying to confuse people and change the definition to fit what she wants it to be, which is more likely.

  3. (in Kazakh accent) very nice. i like.

  4. Whew, I am so relieved that this is Shania’s “Big Announcement”! I was so afraid she was going to release a crappy new “Non-Mutt” album and announce a “just for old time’s sake” concert tour. Well either that or she had agreed to pose topless for Playboy…

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