Sexy Music Video Released by Forgettable Female

A smokin’ hot female singer with legs up to here, hips like whoa, a smile bright as the Malibu sunrise, and a name nobody caught has been getting a lot of play on CMT with her sexy new video for a song called something or other, report all of the network’s male viewers.

For much of the video, the woman lip-syncs directly into the camera, smiling sweetly and occasionally arching her eyebrows to imply that she might have a personality. Other scenes feature the sultry-yet-approachable ‘girl next door’ walking down a pier in cutoffs, lounging around a billowy bed in a man’s button-up shirt, and frolicking near a body of water in a bikini. “Nothing like this had ever been done before with a female artist, but we thought it could work,” said the director, whose past work includes every video ever made by Billy Currington.

Men aren’t alone in loving the video; some young women have taken to it, too. We caught up with Petunia Galvini, 17, in the country section of an Omaha-area Walmart. “Oh, I know the video you’re talking about. She’s, like, so cute, and I can totally relate to her,” Galvini chirped. “If I could remember her name, I’d buy her album right now.”

Sources close to the singer say that using sex appeal is a temporary measure to get her foot in the door, but she will reveal the full extent of her artistry once she has gained enough leeway to do so. Sources in the industry say she has about two more mindless singles left in her before they find someone cuter.

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  1. Rick says

    So which specific music video and artist are we talking about here? I’d say this applies equally to “Temporary Home”, “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You”, “White Liar”, “Fearless”, “19 And Crazy”, “Giddy On Up”, and maybe even “Hip To My Heart”. Oh, this is all sooo confusing…(lol)

  2. Vicki says

    Gotta be Kelley Pickler and that beach scene for “Didn’t You Know How Much I love you” also it say “sex appeal is a temporary measure to get her foot in the door,” Gotta be Kelley


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