Ryan Bingham’s Roadhouse Sun Giveaway


roadhouse-sun6/7/09: Little late, but I pulled a winner out of the hat. Sam G., you’ve got mail. Thanks to all who entered, and stick around for more giveaways throughout June.

We’re having a prolonged celebration of Country California’s first anniversary with a series of giveaways. Last week’s winner, OTWG, is headed off to an Aaron Watson show. Thanks again to Watson’s people for generously furnishing that prize, and here’s hoping OTWG has a blast at the show.

Unlike the first giveaway, the rest (not sure how many more there will be) will be open to everyone, regardless of location.

This week’s giveaway comes courtesy of Ryan Bingham, whose second major label release Roadhouse Sun (the follow-up to the well-received Mescalito) arrives in stores tomorrow.

In his review for American Songwriter, Jim Malec wrote:

Built around a voice as raw and unpolished as the dusty New Mexico landscape where he was raised, Ryan Bingham’s sound is a grimy take on country rock, fueled by nicotine and a troubadour’s restlessness.

If you want to hear it for yourself, here’s your chance to pick up a copy for free. Bingham’s people have kindly provided one copy of the album, which will go to a randomly-chosen commenter. To enter, just comment below with (a) your favorite Ryan Bingham song or (b) a good/bad joke. That’s one option for Bingham fans and one for people who want to discover him. I’ll accept comments through Friday and announce a winner on Saturday.

If you want to get your hands on the music as quickly as possible, without all the hassle of waiting around to see if you win, you can order Roadhouse Sun now from Amazon.

To whet your appetite, here’s a video of Bingham performing “Tell My Mother I Miss Her So” (via Farce the Music):


  1. Sam G says

    A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender says, “You know, we have a drink named after you.” The grasshopper says, “You have a drink named Steve?”

  2. Nickie says

    My fav song is Bread and Water although Southside of Heaven is a close second. Just saw him while in Colorado and he was so kickass!

  3. Jace W says

    My Fav Ryan Bingham song is Roadhouse Blues or “Gypsy Road” off the new cd. It rocks!

    as for the joke

    how did the hot dog tackle his job?

    a..: with relish! hahahah

  4. Ben Milam says

    saw him at stingaree music fest friday night. saw his guitar player walking around with a hot girl on his arm, a beer, but he looked pissed. i couldn’t figure it out. the beach, hot girlfriend, beer… then it hit me once i saw him on stage and found out who he was. he’s a musician. he supposed to be bitchy and contrary. but seriously, great show. ryan is building his own sound which is a challenge to do in an industry largely working on formulas and demographics these days. viva!

  5. Chuck says

    Favorite Bingham tune is Bluebird – have heard it many times on live recordings and now it’s finally on an album!!

  6. KathyP says

    Damn, posted this on some other thread…

    Favorite Bingham song – Bread and Water. Love the opening and the backbeat. May be a ‘list’ song, who cares. I bought Mescalito without ever hearing it or of him based on a country blog. The915.com, perhaps. You blogger guys/gals introduce us amateurs to a lot of good music out there that we’d never hear on mainstream country radio. Thanks.


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