Ronnie Dunn Gone Solo; Wayne Hancock Enters Rehab; Gene Watson and Rhonda Vincent on Music City Roots


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  1. says

    “Or will you watch the Kid Rock-hosted CMT Music Awards (8/7 Central) instead? Decisions, decisions. Country legends Gary Busey and Justin Bieber are both set to appear.”


  2. Rick says

    Wow, that article about the country music scene in Los Angeles in the ’40’s and 50’s was awesome! Two of the biggest factors of why the scene is so forgotten locally these days is that half of LA’s current population moved here from other states and the other half crossed the border illegally from Mexico! (lol) Well that and the fact people who were participants back then are either elderly or dead and gone these days. Oh well…

    I wish Wayne Hancock al the best as he dries out. Performing in bars and clubs where alcohol is served sure makes it tough for sobered up artists to stay on the wagon. And especially when free drinks are a typical part of the compensation package.

    I enjoyed tonight’s marathon length “Music City Roots” broadcast, but Ally Sutton’s outfit was a bit disappointing. Gene and Rhonda put on a great show and redeemed the whole affair. Greensky Bluegrass is heading to LA’s Mint Club soon so I’ll probably catch their act. So few bluegrass acts (apart from say Allison Krauss) play LA that I try to catch them when I can.

    If Angaleena Presly was just contributing songwriting and back-up vocals to the Pistol Annie’s, I’d be a lot more interested in their upcoming album. Angaleena doing lead vocal duties on her own compositions is a mistake.

    Next time I see Grant Langston I will have to congratulate him on his Kickstarter success, and also give him a swift kick in the ass for telling “Sarah Palin is stupid” jokes during his sets. Hey Grant, get a brain buddy and stop offending audience members who aren’t like minded [politically]. Crikey!

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