Ronnie Dunn Aging Gracefully

Ronnie Dunn's tattooAccording to sources familiar with the matter, former Brooks & Dunn singer Ronnie Dunn is showing the utmost maturity and class in his attempts to get a hitmaking solo career off the ground.

“To me, the remarkable thing about Ronnie,” said one Music Row insider, “is that he has not become bitter. If anyone would have an uncompromised position from which to unhypocritically call out the sorry state of the industry, it’d be the guy who brought songs like ‘Hillbilly Deluxe’ and ‘Put a Girl In It’ to air. Yet Ronnie doesn’t choose that route. He holds himself to a higher standard and doesn’t indulge in the sorts of conspiracy theories that we sometimes see with older artists.”

Contacted for comment, Dunn offered: “What am I going to do? Suddenly, as soon as the tides of commerce turn against me, start complaining about the very machinations that allowed me to sustain a 20-year career with a guy I’d been thrown together with for marketing reasons? Even though the broken features of the music business I complain about are the same ones that kept my old duo on the top through long artistic fallow periods? That would just be ugly.” Dunn added that it would be equally ludicrous for him to post long Facebook rants about how he is planning to revolutionize the entire music industry by starting his own label, and much more so to get a forearm tattoo reading ‘Cowboy.’

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  1. Kat Titchen says

    Why the sarcasm? Who has a better right to criticize the music industry than someone who’s been in it for years? I don’t see it as a case of dance with the guy that brung you. Or bitterness. Look at the stories about Rascal Flatts and their attempts to take charge of a career created by machine, Ronnie has always sung as if he knows the origins of the music, which is more than can be said for many singers who just yell into a mike, every note sounding like the last, every song sounding like the last. This gifted singer deserves every smidgen of his success and more.

    • Dawn McDarmont says

      I totally agree with you Kat!
      And why not call out the industry that is taking advantage of the very people that make their paycheck’s possible. Change is needed and change doesn’t happen if someone doesn’t call it out.
      No one has more right to make a stand than RD.

  2. Graham says

    I’m a huge fan of Ronnie’s, but I think he should just lie down and take it. ‘Kiss You There’ is a poor song, anyway; it’s not as if it was as good as ‘Red Dirt Road’. He’s had a great career and should continue it, but he doesn’t need to chase radio. He has a gospel album in the works, so it looks as if he will be focusing on this sort of thing in future. He’ll probably do a ‘country classics’ covers album at some point.


  1. […] This one really makes me sad pard – whatever you’ve got going on with with your attack on Radio now is certainly your business, but when someone said you’d implied that my hosting ACC had something to do with any lack of BnD success at Radio i didn’t believe it – if you remember ABC not Cumulus signed me back in 06 – a big network, but every major network without exception carried the show though out our carrier – i sat down with you and asked you what you thought, and said i would never do it if you thought there was any chance it would not be good for us – you encouraged me to do so – it’s been really fun for me – today our dear friend Reba called to congratulate me on winning the National Air Personality award – i was so excited, and then i read this – i cherish the years we made music and ran the road together -thanks to these fans we certainly got to live the dream. ● – – Kix Brooks responds to Ronnie Dunn’s insinuation that his (Kix’s) radio career had something to do with their music’s faltering performance at radio post-2006. Real classy, Ronnie. […]

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