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Rhett Akins Recording Album of Jeff Carson Covers

In a bid to relaunch his own singing career, ’90s star Rhett Akins is recording an album of songs previously recorded by fellow hat act Jeff Carson, an enigmatic superstar who left music at the height of fame to become a law enforcement officer.

“Those of us who came up with Jeff in the ’90s were always sort of in awe of him. There were a lot of pretenders, but he was the real deal. I can still remember clearly the first time I heard songs like ‘The Car’ and ‘Not On Your Love.’” After a pause, Akins added: “If you don’t like Jeff Carson, you can kiss my country ass.”

In the past few years, Akins has had songs cut by Blake Shelton, Rodney Atkins, Joe Nichols, and Jake Owen, among others.

“Don’t get me wrong, the songwriting has been great, but the more I hear my cowrites like ‘Friends With Tractors’ [Rodney Atkins], ‘Gimmie That Girl’ [Joe Nichols], and ‘Blame It on Waylon’ [Josh Thompson] being sung by other artists on the radio, the more I realize that none of them will ever compare to good old classic stuff like, for example, Jeff Carson’s ‘The Car’ and Jeff Carson’s ‘Not On Your Love.’ So this album is a way for me to pay tribute, and who knows? Maybe lightning will strike twice with some of these songs.”

The album, slated to include Akins’ versions of Carson classics “The Car” and “Not On Your Love,” and possibly others as well, will be released on Stuckey’s Records toward the end of the year. Akins is working up a new song titled “Because of Jeff,” which he hopes to include as a multi-artist tribute to Carson. Popular singers David Kersh, Cleve Francis, and Daron Norwood have already agreed to participate, with more names being added daily.

“There’s lots of exciting stuff on the horizon, so we hope folks will click over to our Friendster page to keep up with all the action. It’s real interactive and lots of fun,” said Akins.

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  1. Bah hah hah hah hah hah! I love this. The multiple shoutouts to “The Car” and “Not On Your Love”. David Kersh? Friendster? So awesome, C.M. :)

  2. Way to be on the pulse of things. I swear, I was just thinking yesterday how Akins seems to have a cut on everyone lately..

  3. If Rhett can bring Lionel Cartwright and Ty England on board for this worthwhile project, I’m totally in!

    David Kersch was able to land “Cowgirls” singer Kerry Harvick as a girlfriend (in an “on again, off again” kind of way), so he’s sort of earned my respect! Just like Chuck Wicks’ greatest achievement was his fleeting relationship with Julianne Fluff. In fact their relationship actually inspired the screenplay for the current film “She’s Out Of My League”!

    I’ve heard Rick Trevino has been inspired by Rhett’s project and is working on his own Michael Johnson tribute album along with Lila McCann! I’m besides myself with anticipation!…(lol)

  4. Rick stole the basis of my comment! Now I don’t have one.

    Great post.

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