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Reader Survey 2009

questionWhat have we done well in 2009? Where is there still room for improvement? Which regular features should definitely stay? Which ones need to go? Is it time to call a moratorium on Bucky Covington mustache jokes?

These and other matters of concern to the future of Country California are up for discussion in our annual reader survey. It shouldn’t take but a couple minutes to complete, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated. No personally identifying information will be collected, so go ahead and let us have it. Barring any extraneous “Obamavoter” mentions, we won’t know who said what. Good or bad, your opinions will help steer the course for 2010.

Follow the link below to let your voice be heard.

Country California Reader Survey 2009

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  1. So what exactly do you mean by “Barring any extraneous “Obamavoter” mentions, we won’t know who said what.”?…LOL

  2. Bucky Covington “mustache” jokes??? Bucky has a gorgeous mustache!! : )

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