Rascal Flatts Crowd Unruly at Houston Show

During Rascal Flatts’ massive Reliant Stadium show Monday night, the superstar band’s fans became extremely raucous, said arena officials.

Goaded by vociferous lead singer Gary Levox, the audience of 25,000 began to wave its hands in the air, almost as if without concern. This caused a tremendous stir of humanity, the scent of sweat and “Curious” perfume heavy in the air. Levox next exhorted them to utter “Ho!” at a high volume. It was unclear whether he was referring to the garden utensil or the (vulgar) slang term for a prostitute, but the throng happily did his bidding, raising the stadium roof approximately 3.4 inches from its moorings.

Guitarist Joe Don Rooney then grabbed the microphone from Levox and expressed his desire that the large group of teen girls and their boyfriends, along with some scattered 40-something divorcees, yell “Ho, Ho!” They complied, their excitement nearly boiling over at that point.

The tensest moment of the evening was set off by bassist Jay Demarcus as he took his turn at the mic. “Now screeeeeeaaammmm!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. The din of vocal emotion vibrated the light turrets and pushed the roof an additional 4.5 inches higher.

It seemed like anything could have set the crowd off into an adorable riot, but ringleader Levox brought it all home with a chilled-out final refrain of “Bob That Head,” easing the crowd’s intensity to a mere lather. The boys left stage to another loud round of applause and high-pitched cheers, though things were more orderly by that point.

There were no arrests reported, but arena Director of Operations, Louis Trahan, said his committee would have to meet long and hard to discuss whether the band would be invited back. “My head still hurts from the shrill, awful noise,” said Trahan, “and the crowd was really loud too. That roof’s not gonna unraise itself.”

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music

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