Quotable Country – 8/10/08 Edition

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John Rich: How do you feel right now, you feel incredible?
Melissa Lawson: I feel.
– – After months of competition, NBC ends its first season at the helm of Nashville Star by cutting off the winner’s victory speech. Pure class.

Country was a huge part of what I listened to… All of my boyfriends growing up, all of our songs were from Garth Brooks, or Clint Black, or Clay Walker… *
– – Wow, Jessica Simpson had a lot of boyfriends growing up.

Somebody’s got to walk the line in the country. They’ve got to walk it unapologetically… And I’m sure Johnny Cash would have been a John McCain supporter if he was still around. *
– – Johnny Cash isn’t here to help us through the 2008 election, but at least John Rich is still around to speak on his behalf.

Except for some duets and the Keith Whitley tribute song (“When You Say Nothing at All”), I think I’ve been played about three times. *
– – Alison Krauss on her success at country radio.

He wrote a song for our new project, and he was blown away that we would even record it. It’s fairly clever. It’s called “The Boys Are Back,” and it’s about us. *
– – Oak Ridge Boy Richard Sterban offers a not-so-ringing endorsement of Shooter Jennings’ songwriting prowess.

I heard that Bob Wills used to tell his band members to never let him hear them singing a sad song. Even if the subject is sad, sing it with a smile on your face. I love that. I may have just lost everything, but I’ve got a smile. That’s the kind of spirit I give my songs. *
– – Wayne Hancock on why people like his music.

Trailer Choir distinguished themselves with their extremely overweight, overall-clad singer, who pulled off an impressive version of “The Worm.” *
– – The only mention of Trailer Choir in a Toby Keith concert review.

The bigger his next hit is, the more radio and video airplay it will get. *
– – GAC’s Neil Haislop answers(?) a question about the lack of video airplay for Jeff Bates. I get it. Once a song is a big hit, it will get played more… and a song becomes a big hit by getting played more… so once a song is a big hit… (brain explodes)

Right now the best thing I can do is pick up my guitar, take the stage and try not to be an asshole for about an hour. Eventually everything is gonna work out. *
– – Jamey Johnson on his approach to the music business.

It inspires in me a 1980s horror film fantasy, where these artists stand over Elvis’ grave, gyrating their hips in a mocking fashion and taunting him to rise from the dead with their every utterance. This fantasy ends “Return of the Living Dead”-style with Elvis’ ring-bedecked fingers clawing through the earth and clamping down on Underwood’s gimmicky little throat. *
– – I’m going to take a wild guess and say that columnist Jake TenPas isn’t looking forward to the new Elvis Presley duets album.

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  1. countryuniverse says

    I wonder where John Rich gets the basis for his assumption that Johnny would be a McCain supporter? What points to such an assertion? While I’m no more qualified to speak on Johnny Cash’s behalf than John Rich, I’m sure Johnny wouldn’t be a John Rich supporter. I’m not even talking about Rich’s music, I’m talking about his general attitude toward people. I never want to hear or read John Rich’s name in the same sentence with Johnny Cash ever again!:)


  2. Trailer says

    These quotes are awesome. Well picked. From the choices and the commentary, I can tell we think a lot alike (you should be worried).

  3. Dan says

    Yes, but only if you were to feature a minuscule picture of my face in a mosaic on the album artwork. And throw in some Bradley Walker freebies.

    I do apologize for my incessant gushing on this site; I’ve just never been very subtle with praise, especially where funny things are concerned. I promise I’m not as creepy as I seem!

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