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Quotable Country – 12/14/08 Edition

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We usually shout out, ‘If we look like goobers, don’t put us on your MySpace.’
– - Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild on bad fan pictures.

But I’ll tell you what, I am pretty optimistic — given all the doomsday scenarios we’re barraged with every day about everything — that country music is going to be around for a long time. Like the cockroach, country may be impervious to even a nuclear attack.
– - Chet Flippo likens country music to a cockroach less than a month after he encouraged it to be more like Spam. I’m not liking the direction this is heading…

It’s more of a self-indulgent art project or something.
– - Brad Paisley on his instrumental(ish) album, Play.

I chew too much of it, that Eclipse [gum]. I usually mix two of them together: one spearmint, the other winterfrost. The last two years, I just went nuts with it. I don’t know why it is. Maybe it’s a replacement vice.
– - George Jones was recently spotted driving a tractor down the interstate, chewing furiously and swerving erratically on his way to the gum section of a nearby gas station.

“Jesus Was a Country Boy,” “Jesus and Mama Always Loved Me,” “Jesus Take the Wheel,” “Jesus and Gravity,” “She Left Me For Jesus,” “800 Pound Jesus”—these aren’t church signs announcing this week’s sermon, they are just a few Christ-based songs that have blessed the country charts in the last couple of years.
– - As long as your concept of “the last couple of years” stretches all the way back to 1992, when Confederate Railroad’s “Jesus and Mama” actually charted.

Maybe these guys aren’t the darlings of music critics, but that’s certainly no reason to leave them off year-end lists. And the fact that I liked the albums from Chesney, Rucker, Swift and Lady A–and you didn’t–just shows how vast our tastes are. I like what country fans are buying, and you like, um, Coal?
– - Alison Bonaguro gets snippy.

I’ve heard a lot of people say different things, nice things, about me, and of course it’s an honor. But I’ve tried to analyze it in my mind, and I can’t quite grab ahold of what they really mean. People will ask me how I sing like that. But you know, I never was worth a darn talking. Well, I can talk, but don’t make a hell of a lot of sense.
– - George Jones again.

“Fearless” is an amazing album that will make fans want to listen to it straight through. Not one song on “Fearless” is disappointing. With her pure and soulful voice, Swift’s songs range from topics such as fairy tale romances and crushes to bad breakups.
– - My suspicions about this review were confirmed in the byline at the end: “Jenna Cusumano is a junior at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School.”

Even in this age of political correctness, we still feel our fans want us to sing about what we feel is the true meaning of Christmas — the birth of Jesus.
It’s weird that we can be singing “Silent Night,” and someone will yell out ‘Do Elvira.’
- – The Oak Ridge Boys seem to be getting mixed signals from the fans.

That part of my life [expecting a second child] is insane. That is the elephant in the corner of the room. I shouldn’t say that with my pregnant wife. Wow, did that come out wrong? It’s a great expression, but wow it does not work.
– - Brad Paisley again.

In a silk shirt and cowboy boots, [Glen] Campbell still has the bearing of the mainstream country singer who found solo fame in the late Sixties.
– - He still has the bearing and the shirt.

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  1. “Swift’s songs range from topics such as fairy tale romances and crushes to bad breakups”

    I’m not sure that counts as a “range”…that’s like me saying my sense of humor runs from sophomoric to bathroom.

  2. Unsurprisingly, Alison has not posted again on that blog post. I was not happy when she inferred that if an album is not a top-seller, it’s not good. That was annoying…

  3. I think Alison would benefit from some Coal in her stocking.

  4. Damn, Kevin is on fire tonight!

  5. Ha. I’d buy her a copy if I thought it would make any difference…

  6. So much to get irate about today.

    Chet Flippo pretty much out and out states why he sucks and is unqualified to be a critic with this whole “I have listened to country music for a long time and I think that — given the present cultural and social context — country is no better and no worse than it has ever been. There has always been crap that’s briefly popular, and there’s always been great music that hasn’t sold. It all evens out, eventually.”

    First of all, there may have been briefly popular crap, and poor selling quality music, but he somehow forgets to list a third option – good country music that is popular. That’s the difference between past eras and today, all we have is the “popular” – more properly “ubiquitous” – crap, and quality underground music.

    And then for him to pretend he doesn’t notice? Really Chet? Country has never been better? The era that gave us Buck Owens and George Jones, that wasn’t better? When Kris Kristofferson and Billy Joe Shaver were writing the hit songs, that wasn’t better? When Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yoakam were getting radio airplay and big time press, that wasn’t better? Did you see the CMAs? Did you notice how the performers could barely sing in tune? Are you kidding me?

    Man, Chet Flippo is really bad at his job.

    Speaking of bad at their job, apparently Allison Bonaguro thinks that a music critic’s taste should range from “good” (a.k.a, material that informed professionals recognize as being quality) to “bad”, which I suppose is “vast” after a sort. Aside from the needlessly immature shot at Coal, my second favorite thing about her comment was when she asserts that “she is a very credible music critic” but that if we currently disagree with her taste we should stop reading when we see her byline. Awesome, nice to see that she’s supremely confident in her ability to change minds, because, of course, she must be so credible for a reason right?

    As for that Brad Paisley quote, it makes me seriously question what he considers “art” to be. But he did get the self-indulgent part right.

    as always, CMW, thanks for the quotes!

  7. Ben, you’re sort of my hero. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

    I almost pulled out the same Flippo quote you isolated – I’m especially fond of the “given the present cultural and social context” bit, which basically reeks of pop-country apologism. If you can’t say that country is no worse today than it was in the past without qualification, that’s a pretty good indication that something has gone wrong.

  8. Ben, you’re sort of my hero.

    thanks man, coming from you that’s high praise indeed.

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