Quotable Country – 12/02/13 Edition

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I think it’s fantastic! Dad loved being on the road. Now he gets to do it forever.
– – Rosanne Cash on the Johnny Cash postage stamp.

When I’m having my own pity party, it’s Lee Ann Womack. She has a song called ‘Have You Seen That Girl.’ I’ve sat on my bus, drunk a bottle of wine, cried and felt sorry for myself to that song I don’t know how many times.
– – Turns out Kellie Pickler has good taste in music.

I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’
– – Now that she has gone on record, Kelly Clarkson will definitely have either a girl or a boy keenly aware of the fact that his mom actually wanted a girl.

I don’t think I could do it over and over, because how many times can you push the envelope? How many times can you grow? When I get to that point when we’re not doing that anymore, I don’t care to make records.
– – Eric Church sees a definite end to his record-making years because, really, how much edgier and more ‘outlaw’ can he even get? There has to be an upper limit. (The lower limit is here.)

I think that we, as musicians, don’t really hear a lot of boundaries. We hear what we like. Is it altogether pure anymore? Whatever was? You were not allowed to have a kick drum onstage at the Opry up through the ’60s. Do we want to go back to that? I don’t think so.
– – Dwight Yoakam.

As a new artist, I’m still getting used to cameras being on me 24/7. And there’s no way you can be caught smiling at all times. If you know me, sometimes when I’m just sitting there, it looks like I’m not having a good time, but I am! […] I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s funny because I was clapping and smiling before and after that clip. I guess I’m still kind of getting used to everything.
If anyone should be offended, it should be me! I mean, did you see my face? I look like a dumbass. It was a long day. My feet were hurting.
– – Kacey Musgraves on the much-discussed shot of her appearing to react unfavorably to Miranda Lambert’s CMA Female Vocalist of the Year win a few weeks back.

For the first time ever, I might have ran into a singer that has no top on her and that’s Kelly Clarkson. She never seems to have a ceiling that she goes to. The talent is getting bigger and better.
– – Garth Brooks. I was initially drawn to this quote for the odd ‘Kelly Clarkson with no top on her’ bit, but have decided the sentiment itself is strange enough given that he’s married to Trisha Yearwood. TRISHA YEARWOOD. Many people would say that she’s the topless one, you know. (Especially people inclined to phrase things strangely.)

The dumber the song, the better it does on country radio. [Forget] this intelligence [stuff]. I’m just going to write dumb songs.
– – Corb Lund in concert.

I love Nashville, but I’ve never considered moving there. It’s a little set in its ways, and I also feel like the bluegrass community is too concerned with chasing and trying to sound like commercial country music. I think most young, cosmopolitan musicians are not interested in that pursuit. Most of what I’m interested in in the way of bluegrass happened 40 or 50 years ago, and most of what I’m interested in with music now is happening in New York. There are a lot of people here who’ve grown up in, or come out of, the bluegrass community who are now doing other things—The Punch Brothers, Chris Thile, Sarah Jarosz just moved here. There’s a critical mass. New arrivals can feel at home and attend bluegrass jams, but no one is giving you the hairy eyeball if you do something outside of the traditional bluegrass fold.
– – Bluegrass guitarist Michael Daves, whose 2011 collaborative album with Chris Thile I certainly hope you’ve managed to hear by now.

Country is enjoying a big moment. Clear Channel and CMT will capture it, celebrate it and spread the excitement across America to hundreds of millions.
– – CMT president Brian Philips sets his sights high, discussing the company’s new partnership with Clear Channel. This might not bode well for non-sucky music.

I think she is the coolest thing out there right now. I dig her stuff.
– – With a rare Gary Allan shout, Kacey Musgraves ascends to ever greater heights of hipness.

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  1. the pistolero says

    “I don’t think I could do it over and over, because how many times can you push the envelope? How many times can you grow? When I get to that point when we’re not doing that anymore, I don’t care to make records.”

    From his lips to God’s ears!

    I could ask what’s wrong with not pushing the envelope, but when that seems to be your raison d’être as an artist, it really makes the artistry wear thin. I keep thinking of George Strait, who’s made a 30-year career — made himself a country music legend, practically synonymous with the term “country music” — pretty much by not “pushing the envelope.” You can say the same about the likes of Alan Jackson, even though his radio career might not have lasted as long, or Merle Haggard, or George Jones, and the list goes on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding a style of music and sticking to it. In fact, such is far preferable to trying to reinvent oneself with each record, as the latter would imply that you’re not really sure of who you are as an artist.

    I suppose that may not be fair to Church — he might well have a keen sense of who he is as an artist — but considering everything he has said about it so far, even if he does, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement as far as his place in country music is concerned.

  2. says

    Umm…rich stuff.
    1. it only “manifests” when it actually, you know, happens…
    2. why all the fuss re Ms. Musgraves…Jason Aldean looked like he’d been on a three-day drunk of self-consolation…double standard there, eh?
    3. speaking for myself as a Hell’s Kitchen-based Americana & traditional country artist, Mr. Daves has a good point. Other good neighbors in Gotham include Ryan Adams, Chelly Wright, Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle, and probably others who have stealth pieds-a-terre, as we say down home. On the Americana end of things, the self-aggrandizement of Nashville also irritates, as most of the seminal, creative work since the alt-country wave actually “manifested” in Austin, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, and Seattle (with some older roots in Woodstock) (the Time Jumpers are Nashville retro at its absolute best, though)
    4. ever notice that CMT and 666 have the same number of digits???

  3. Chris says


    – I sincerely hope that “point” that Eric Church spoke of comes much sooner than later…

    – To Dwight’s point, I wouldn’t be opposed to some stripped-down production and arrangements on the Opry stage at all

    – I love Garth’s verbal musings…a lot like Fred Couples (golfer), very stream of consciousness type diction…I still dig him

    – Corb Lund…I did an honest-to-God facepalm…smdh

    – CMT plus Cheap Channel? Another nail hammered in our genre’s coffin…

  4. SunsetPark says

    In contrast to Eric Church’s comment you could have included another Gary Allan quote from further down in same interview as his Kacey Musgrave’s quote: “I think there is always room for improvement,” he said. “If you think you have reached the pinnacle, then it is over. You have to keep practicing and working to improve your craft — no matter what it is.”


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