Quotable Country – 12/02/12 Edition

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I love Todd. He’s a great writer and singer and entertainer. My son took up with him even before he started recording, and Eddy said to me, ‘Dad, there’s this guy who reminds me so much of you.’ We have to figure out when we want to put this record out and which songs we want on it, but it’s actually pretty much together now. We could put it out the way it is.
– – Billy Joe Shaver on Todd Snider, who is producing his next album. Excited that it’s coming along so nicely.

I have a guilt complex about being the one that’s so successful when so many of them are so much more talented than me. And so many friends that I know in Nashville that have twice the talent that I’ve had, that I’ve seen them come and go through the years and never see their dream come true.
– – Dolly Parton, who has a new book called Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You. Stocking stuffer?

Music Blogger: $23,000 – $66,000
– – That’s rich. From a Berklee College of Music report on positions and salaries in the music business.

I think the only thing that makes me nervous is the critics. The fans are who I’m out there for. I’m there for them, and I feel it. They’re there for the same reason that I’m there. We love music, and we love the entertainment. So I feel like there’s a really positive exchange there. And critics just make me nervous. What can I say? That’s the nerve-wracking part of it.
– – Shania Twain on her new Vegas show, which opened last night. Come on, Shania. Critics are just people who like music so much that they devote themselves to thinking and facilitating discussions about it. What’s so scary about that?

I don’t know necessarily how much privacy I’m entitled to, but I know I don’t get much of it. At the same time, I asked for this. I could be playing in a coffeehouse — I’d be happy doing that, [but] not as happy, probably. Knowing that people are going to hear the music I make is the most amazing feeling. Knowing that there are dudes waiting outside my house with cameras, hiding in bushes, is a less awesome feeling.
– – Taylor Swift on fame.

You can over explain stuff sometimes, but that’s not necessarily what everyone will relate to. You try to write something different, something that you hope has not been written before in the way you write it, something that will appeal to a lot of people. Just don’t over think it.
– – Mission accomplished, Rodney Atkins.

People said, ‘Weren’t you scared you were going to fail?’ I’m not afraid of failure. I just want to try things. If they don’t work out, I’ll do something else.
– – Reba on rolling with the punches.

Not only is he quitting his partying ways, but the singer has also been exercising and eating right, his attorney claims. “[Randy Travis] works out three hours every day and is in the best shape of his life. He has a high protein diet and takes a lot of vitamins.”
– – Assuming this is true – and obviously, it’s in his attorney’s best interest to say that it is – it kinda sounds like Randy Travis has traded one addiction for another. Three hours of exercise per day?

I haven’t seen any side effects that are harmful to me.
– – Willie Nelson on smoking the weed. He has a new book, too.

We were on tour one time, and before he went on, I was like, ‘Did you bedazzle that shirt?’ And he was like, ‘Well… yes I did!’ But he rocks it. He does it well.
– – Chris Young on Gary LeVox.

Everybody in the high school parking lot was either blaring some country music or blaring rap — and I guess over the years it just kind of comes together somewhere in the middle. There’s not really a genre for what we do. We’re believers that music evolves, and we like to be on the cutting edge of music.
– – Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.

Something about what he is doing is working. He is really honestly connecting with people in a way that’s different than most artists or entertainers. Everybody thinks that they’re Willie’s friend and that’s true, from the doorman, to the guy loading the garbage truck. I’ve been around with Dylan. People are in awe of Bob Dylan, but they certainly don’t come over and say, ‘Hey, Bob, how are you? My name’s Bill.’ And it’s a good thing they don’t.
– – Kinky Friedman on the enduring everyman appeal of Willie Nelson.

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  1. Chris says

    Florida Georgia Line says that as if it’s a good thing…ugh…

    As for Gary LeVox and his Be-Dazzled shirt, I would’ve replied “dude, you know how I know you’re gay?”

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