Quotable Country – 11/28/11 Edition

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For his first arena tour as a headliner, Eric Church will launch the Blood, Sweat & Beers tour with special guest Brantley Gilbert on Jan. 19 in Fort Smith, Ark. The tour will stop in nearly 50 cities across the U.S.
– – Oh gosh. “Blood, Sweat & Beers” starring Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert? I’m sorry, world.

I don’t think today’s country music is country. It is more like rock ‘n’ roll to me. I really enjoy songs that have a good melody and real good lyrics. I believe this is what makes a good song. There have been many songs from my younger days that have stood the test of time. I am not sure the songs of today will experience this kind of longevity.
– – Don Williams on modern country music.

In the end, people want the truth. The second you start second-guessing or writing ‘to’ them, you’re screwed. You can’t make ’em authentic. People think through marketing they can deliver what people want, but [people] know.
– – Some guy called John Prine claims that people just want to hear artists honestly sing their truths. I’m gonna get a second opinion from Brantley Gilbert before I make up my mind.

Sara Evans is, no joke, the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. And her butt? I’ve never seen a better butt than hers.
– – One of Hugh Hefner’s former live-in girlfriends (Kendra Wilkinson) thinks Sara Evans is the most beautiful woman in the world. Take it for what it’s worth.

Hey, assclown that just punched a lady in the face… get the f*ck out of my show!
– – Chris Young to guy that evidently punched a woman in the face during “Gettin’ You Home.”

That’s always appealing — to find guys with guts enough to sing like girls.
– – Vince Gill on collaborating with Sting.

He loves me. And I love and adore him. Last year when something was on Twitter or somebody took it the wrong way, I was like, ‘OK, people, I’ve known him since I was 17 years old. He’s far beyond being a homophobe. He’ll pinch my ass and pick on me and tell me he loves me. He’ll say, ‘I know you’re gay but, really, the blue nails last night?’
– – Nashville songwriter Shane Stevens, a homosexual, on the alleged homophobia of Blake Shelton.

You have to pick your battles. I’ve certainly had to bite my tongue on occasion and live to fight another day, so to speak, on certain things. But when you’re new and fresh, you come out and think, ‘I don’t want to screw my chance up, so I’ll go along with what everybody else does.’ So in that process of what everybody else says, sometimes you can lose your identity, and then it’s a downward spiral from there. I’ve certainly battled with that in my career.
– – Joe Nichols, frankly, on playing the game.

Thanksgiving. Not a good day to be my pants!!
– – In fact, there’s no such thing as a good day to be Danny Gokey’s pants.

Mainstream country comes mostly out of Nashville; that’s a real industry-driven town, whereas the Texas music scene is a lot more about live music. It’s about … The people that sing the songs are most likely the ones that wrote them. I don’t know, it’s just a more honest music scene. The songs people are singing are more likely to relate directly to the people singing them, whereas Nashville seems like, if there’s a song that’s about fried chicken that’s a hit, then everybody writes a song about fried chicken. If there’s a sailboat song, then everybody writes a sailboat song. It seems like they’re more of a bandwagon type of scene.
– – Reckless Kelly’s Willy Braun contrasts (quite questionably) the Texas and Nashville scenes.

If I want to hear a Hank song, I’ll listen to Hank. If anybody’s gonna do ’em, it probably should’ve been more of the old-timers like (Kris) Kristofferson and David Allan Coe. But if it’s an unfinished song, there might be a reason it was an unfinished song.
– – Hank Williams III on the “Lost Notebooks” of his grandfather.

It’s a fantasy about simple life and basic values and there’s not too much psychology or over-thinking things. It’s ‘one woman and only this woman’, you know? It’s ‘I believe this and only this’. It’s ‘I killed this person and I should have’, or ‘I killed that person and I shouldn’t have’. It’s very black and white and I love the picture it paints about home and family.
– – Alison Krauss appreciates bluegrass’ pastoral appeal.

Radio has always been generous to me, but in effect they say ‘Do a great record, and we’ll play it. If it’s not great, you’ll stand in line with everyone else.’ I think that’s fair. I don’t expect special treatment. But, if I do a great song, they just might play it.
– – You can count Kenny Rogers as one of the few old guys who thinks he’s still getting a fair shake at radio.

I don’t imagine they [the police] went too deep into the bus before they kinda about half passed out.
– – Billy Joe Shaver on one of Willie Nelson’s drug busts.

[Johnny Cash] was really singing our song when he said, ‘I’ve been everywhere, man.’
– – Obama’s well of country music knowledge runs at least as deep as a Choice Hotels ad.

The next record is going to be a little different, kind of like a Lyle Lovett record. I have these country songs I love… sort of Willie Nelson country. I was raised on that.
– – Matraca Berg is already plotting her next album. And it sounds promising.

I like the idea of stripping everything that we have down to the bare bones and really kind of building it back up to sound contemporary but still have this organic, old school vibe on songs. That’s almost like coming 360, in a way, to where I began with this very traditional kind of country music. I feel like there’s a gap there these days. No one’s really doing it, and I want to kind of bring it back a little bit.
– – Not sure what excites me more: that LeAnn Rimes is coming back around to a more traditional country style or that anyone is correctly understanding a 360° turn (i.e. not an about-face).

It was celebrity coverage, which meant your stories were subject to be negotiated. A typical negotiation between editor and publicist would go something like this: “If you let us do the photo shoot in Star X’s house, we won’t say a thing about that nasty little episode that’s been in the press lately, but we will use all the quotes you can give us about his new album.”
A singer’s age, especially a female singer’s age after she’d been on the scene a few years, either was discreetly omitted or was whatever she said it was. It was part of the deal: The celebrity gives access, the celebrity press presents you as you wish to be presented.
– – An editor for “Country Weekly” during its ’90s heyday spills the beans.

The most outlaw thing you can do in Nashville right now is play country music.
– – Marty Stuart.

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  1. says

    Not sure what excites me more: that LeAnn Rimes is coming back around to a more traditional country style or that anyone is correctly understanding a 360° turn (i.e. not an about-face).

    She, Vince Gill, Darrell Brown, John Hobbs and Justin Niebank seem to have hit on lovely neotrad sonic patch for Lady and Gentlemen. It would be lovely to hear it carried over onto a new record of original material.

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    I hope that Brantley GIlbert plays his music too loud and for too long on this tour and that mr. Church’s concerts end late, causing the tour to get fines.Not to be mean or anything, but it would be funny. I wonder what would be worse: a Gilbert/Church concert or a Rascal Flatts concert?


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