Quotable Country – 11/07/10 Edition

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I predict Miranda Lambert is going to win something. There’s no good odds in Vegas on that. I mean, she’s gonna win something.
– – CMA Awards host Brad Paisley registers his prediction for Wednesday’s show. Not exactly sticking his neck out on this one, seeing as Miranda’s going into it with nine nominations.

I’m a fan of both of their voices. I think they’re both great, but they’re both different. Kelly’s is really kind of a really raspy, soul-type thing and Carrie, she’s just got stupid pipes too, but hers is a little cleaner.
– – Music critic Jason Aldean: Carrie Underwood has got “stupid pipes.” Well, thanks for that.

He was brought up on Alabama and traditional country music as well. Then he was also influenced by Guns N’ Roses — the transition to the arena rock country act. I think that’s what’s given him the edge on some of those guys. He’s coming across like Motley Crue instead of kind of wearing belt buckles and cowboy hats.
– – Producer Michael Knox on Jason Aldean’s competitive edge, which apparently involves eschewing belt buckles and cowboy hats.

Jason Aldean is my favorite country artist. To be on the same label as Jason is truly a dream come true!
– – Broken Bow Records signee Kristy Lee Cook is already off to a not-so-promising start.

I’ve about had it with the lack of ‘reporting’ with E News. The fact that our ‘engagement’ has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible ‘sources’ they seem to find and build a story around. When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive ‘news’ its not true.
– – LeAnn Rimes clears the air with some questionable math. 150% untrue? Is that like a double negative?

They’ve got to understand, that moment was very – they’re trying to say, oh, he’s arrogant. What was arrogant about that? That’s completely selfless. That’s like jumping in front of a bullet. I lost an arm. I’m walking around, I’m trying to put my album out with one arm right now. Every time I try to perform a song, everybody’s like, well, what’s up with that missing arm, though?
– – Kanye West still doesn’t get what was so arrogant about stealing Swift’s moment at the 2009 VMAs.

You read it on message boards, you see what people say or if I’m looking at a guitar website: ‘Old country music! Whatever happened to old country music?’ Well, it became old country music. And I love it. I love everything about it. I love the day and time of Johnny Cash and Buck Owens on the radio. I love it. But they aren’t with us. We have what we have now, and I’m very proud of these people.
– – Brad Paisley on balancing tradition with relevance.

Listen, those two Kentucky hill country people are better than that. They’ve been poor but proud and they loved. Now every time you turn on the TV, there’s a Cyrus looking too Hollywood for my taste. It’s a crying shame for Billy Ray and Tish to have to face a divorce after 17 years of marriage and a house full of beautiful kids. What I think they need is to read some Proverbs and, while the book’s open, maybe turn to Chronicles and read the short but wonderful prayer of Jabez. It works for me.
– – Hazel Smith doesn’t mind sticking her nose all up in Billy Ray Cyrus’ business, with a fair helping of hackneyed Hollywood-bashing and sly Protestant judgmentalism.

I love when James Otto tells about the different restaurants that him and the band go to while out on the road. (smiles) God bless you and them and James always!!!
– – God bless her.

This record is our highest artistic achievement. I always thought each album was the best work we could have done for that moment of time. At each album’s release, I always felt like, ‘this is the record I always wanted to make.’ I feel like this record is the record we have always been destined to make and hadn’t done.
– – If I’m reading this correctly, it’s Jennifer Nettles on how The Incredible Machine is basically no different than any of Sugarland’s past albums. She’s wrong, of course: It’s much worse.

I’m kind of the stepchild of country music. Whoever is in charge of the household of country music must keep going, ‘Who let him in again? Stop! He sleeps in the garage. Stop letting him in the house.’ [laughs] ‘Who keeps letting him in the backdoor?’
– – Kid Rock seems to suggest that stepchildren should be kept in the garage.

I ain’t going to sing it no more. It’s fantastic. She made me ashamed I ever sung it.
– – Loretta Lynn on hearing Faith Hill sing “Love Is the Foundation.”

Well, big deal! She got here!
– – Loretta Lynn, asked to comment on the idea that Carrie Underwood got into country music through a backdoor.

A Hollywood Reporter poll, conducted by market research firm Penn Schoen Berland, asked regular viewers of late-night TV about themselves and their habits. Here are some of the findings:
– Jay Leno’s viewers are the oldest (45-plus) and mostly likely to be wealthy, religious and drive a Chevrolet or Pontiac. They drink red wine, listen to country music and watch “The Biggest Loser.”
– – Just to ease my mind, please tell me you readers of this site are more of a Conan crowd.

Q: What exactly can you do on the ice?
A: Just fall.
– – Vince Gill, who’s providing the live soundtrack to a Scott Hamilton ice-skating show.

There is obviously something to be said for writing a memoir. There is a lot of stuff we do not get to say that we would like to say, and one day it’s all going to come out! I look at Kristian sometimes or I look at our manager and I think, ‘This s— is going in the memoir, because there are a lot of things I may not be able to say right now but I’m going to.’
– – Jennifer Nettles. There’s stuff Sugarland doesn’t say out loud? Can you imagine how self-absorbed the filtered comments must be, given the stuff they’ve been willing to say on the record?

“At this moment,” Bonaguro dishes, “the three stories that are leading in popularity for CMT.com are Billy Ray Cyrus’s divorce, Randy Travis’s divorce and then the Rimes scandal—not that Keith Urban had a new album or Taylor Swift sold more than a million.”
– – Alison Bonaguro to E! Online on the country audience’s investment in the personal lives of singers… and the willingness of CMT in general, and Bonaguro in particular, to play into same?

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  1. Nicole says

    As an actual Kentucky hill country person, I can confirm that we are not, in fact, better than that. Someone should really tell her the story behind Billy Ray and Tish getting together in the first place.

    Conan is okay. Leno is annoying.

  2. churchschicken says

    I’m so glad that Alison Bonaguro is back in the Quotable Country section. I hope she makes many more appearances. Bonaguro is my favorite writer, after Jon Weisberger, who is god’s gift to humanity.

    I am also excited to learn that James Otto likes Five Guys: I like their burgers too. So much better than McDonalds. God Bless Five Guys. However, I think Otto should spend less time blogging about burgers and more time trying to find decent songs to sing. He really hasn’t had good material lately. Maybe he could write a song about Five Guys: I’d listen to that for sure.

    The Hazel Smith comments are repulsive, however. She comes across as a first rate jerk.

    • Nicole says

      Tish was a groupie. While he was still married to his first wife, he got some other woman (Cody’s mom, can’t remember her name) pregnant. Then, after he got divorced but before his son was born, he got Tish pregnant with Miley and left Cody’s mom for her.

  3. says

    Letterman’s a douche-canoe, Leno’s a dweeb, and Conan always came on too late for my old soul.

    So, Kanye lost an arm? And his success is unheralded for a black guy? Guess what. Barack Obama’s “black”, so that whole thing officially doesn’t hold water. The country got together, literally took a vote and decided we’re now cool with black people.

    There are very few people in this world that I really just can’t stand and would maybe like to at least throw a rock or some sort of painful but relatively harmless projectile at, but those two from Sugarland are a coin toss away from getting hit in the noggin’ with my toaster.

    On a happy note, I like where Brad’s head is at. His music can be a little hit and miss, but at least it’s an evolution as he goes on. Despite that, most everything I’ve read from him in interviews seems to align pretty well with how I feel about matters.

  4. says

    I generally watch Letterman after John Stewart goes over, but I don’t really drink wine. When I do, it’s white though. (Whiskey works much better and faster too.) Also, I drive a Chevrolet. As usual, I don’t fit any demographic.

    I hate to see Sugarland go down in flames, but there you have it. That Jennifer Nettles is still one talented singer. Did she learn nothing from watching Natalie Maines? *sigh*

  5. Fred Nerd says

    All I have to say is that I love Sugarland’s new album, and I find Jennifer very full of herself, but amusing enough to make up for it.

    And I not a blow-in country fan. I’m normally in the traditionalist crowd, leaning a lot to texas music and now to Georgia after Zac Brown showed off the talent there.

    So I don’t understand all the people who assume the album is hopeless. Its good, and its different. I like the fact that the ‘vibe’ is constant, but the songs aren’t too blended. Most albums you skip half of the songs depending on mood (fast ones in the day, slow ones for later).

  6. James Otto Sweet Heart says

    If it is okay to ask, why is a message that I wrote about my most favorite singer a part of this write up? (smiles)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee


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