Quotable Country – 11/06/11 Edition

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I was a strange kid! I was a stranger kid than I am an adult, if you can imagine that.
– – It didn’t help that Justin Moore was 2’6″ up until the time he was about 17.

I hadn’t had a drink at all. I had two kids in the back seat. We had been to get ice cream. To my kids, it was the greatest thing that ever happened. [They] ran through the house when we got home telling everybody that Daddy got arrested.
– – Brad Paisley describes being pulled over on suspicion of DUI.

My mama always told me, ‘Make yourself of use.’ Honestly, if I can do that in any way, it’s gratifying to me. I don’t care if I’m playing guitar or if I’m producing or writing a song or singing a background vocal or going to get the cheeseburgers for the folks who can do it better than I can do it. It doesn’t make any difference. I’m being of use.
– – True story: Mac McAnally has no ego whatsoever.

I’m at the exact point in my career where I’ve earned the right to take a chance, and I’m going to.
– – Miranda Lambert knows she won’t get anywhere new by playing it safe.

I think I tried some surprises on my last Sony record, and it just wasn’t what people wanted to hear from me. So I went back and worked real hard and found songs that I absolutely love to sing that were in line to what people kind of expect from me, and made an album, and I feel like it’s the best album I ever made.
– – Meanwhile, on the lower rungs of artistry, Craig Morgan panders to audience expectations.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
A: Having my own opinion and voicing it.
– – Joe Nichols on a problem writ large in much of his music.

When you’re trying to get four voices into one little spot where there’s no spot for voices, now there’s only three in that same-sized spot, each voice has that much more room to breathe.
– – Gloriana’s Tom Gossin on going from quartet to trio. If there’s truly no spot for voices, why sing? And if you’re a vocal group, why not choose songs that have spots for voices? I’m confused.

Typically on Music Row, we meet at 10:00 AM, drink coffee until 11 … We sit for an hour and throw around song ideas until we go to lunch. We don’t even start writing until 2:00 PM, maybe. It’s the same song, same beat, same old dirt road, tailgate, stars hanging over your head, beer cans, preacher’s daughters, cornfields and the damn boots. It’s just recycled material over and over.
– – Listen here, Nashville: When even feather-haired Jimmy Wayne is calling you out, you know you’ve got a serious problem.

I just felt like, ‘Don’t stop playing them because of their age.’ If they’re not as good, if the records aren’t as great, if the crap coming along is better, great. That’s all I ever wanted any of the people coming along to be was great. But if you get replaced by what you feel is not even close to as good, that messes with you, I guess.
– – Vince Gill’s super polite way of saying that a lot of these young people suck.

It really has gotten tough now. It really has. Nashville is a really, really rough place to pitch songs. Once you turn 50, they don’t want to listen to your stuff anymore. The doors are closed. The ears are closed, and the walls are up.
– – The ageism extends to songwriters too, says 72-year-old Kent Westberry (“Love in the Hot Afternoon”), who has lately occupied himself as a maintenance man.

Country music star and registered Democrat Toby Keith has broken ranks with his party to support Rick Perry.
– – Really, broken ranks? Even if we accept his professed lefty leanings at face value (which seems an extraordinary leap of faith), could Mr. Boot In Your Ass ever really be considered a rank and file Democrat? Keith’s a little harder to pin down than that, so him supporting Perry is nobody’s idea of a big surprise.

It’s like a traveling frat party.
– – Jason Aldean on touring. Also, why so many former jocks become country singers.

There’s no traditional country out there anymore. And true country music is about real-life situations. And, that being said, that’s why the divorce rate is 50 percent. So half of that, somebody’s hurtin.’ The new producers in Nashville have tied the songwriters’ hands. You can’t say anything bad about the woman. You can’t talk about drinking anymore. But that’s life, you know. So when they start writin’ and recording things like, ‘She thinks my tractor’s sexy,’ you’ve lost me.
– – Johnny Bush (“Whiskey River”) thinks there ought to be a little more beer, heartbreak, and bad things said about women in modern country music.

I didn’t run around trying to get the spotlight. I was very shy. I never sang in front of people ’til I was about 17 years old. I was watching this interview with Beyonce the other day and they had this thing where she was in front of the camera and she’s five and she’s like, “My name’s Beyonce! I’m a giant star! I’m famous!” I never really had that. I never really had any goals. It wasn’t my dream to make music. It was just something I ended up doing, and no one said stop.
– – Caitlin Rose happened upon a music career.

I think that women should be very respectful to their husbands and let them know that they love them and they should care for him. I love to serve Jay. I love to wait on him hand and foot. I just adore it. And I grew up with that, with my granny and my mom cooking all the time and serving their husband and their children.
– – Sara Evans is a stand-by-her-man kind of woman.

Would I like to be played on the radio a little bit more? Yeah. It hurts my feelings. And it kind of [irritates me] when I see them play the heck out of this song or that song on the radio, and yet they haven’t sold a tenth of the records I’ve sold. It’s like why play that and not me when you know that I can come to your town, sell a bunch of tickets and sell records in your area. That’s really frustrating to me.
– – Non-singing country singer Colt Ford is finding it a tough go at radio.

Cooper to take hip hop approach to new releases
– – So, so relieved to learn that this headline concerns Johnny, not Peter. I don’t want to hear the Ludacris remix of “Sheboygan.”

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  1. Aikou says

    2’6″ inches? I could’ve sworn I read that Justin was 1’6″ inches at that age…huh wow you learn something new everyday.

  2. Rick says

    Miranda has gotten to where she is by being edgy and a bit unpredictable, so for her to “take chances” is not that risky at this point in her career. (I wonder if she is referring to the high quality of the songwriting on the Pistol Annies album? Hmm) For Craig Morgan to get edgy and take chances on the other hand is just patently foolhardy. I’m not surprised he couldn’t see it coming though.

    What do you expect Tom Gossin to say, “Cheyenne Kimball, hottie that she is, was the visual centerpiece of Glorianna and one heck of a vocalist and instrumentalist to boot. We’re gonna suck without her…”. Sheesh.

    Toby Keith was probably raised in a Democrat family and keeps his party registration so as to not ruffle feathers with his family members. Thankfully he is a rare Democrat capable of independent and critical thought, thus his “boot in your ass” lyrics and support for Rick Perry! Go Tobmeister!

    Those current state of Nashville’s major label songwriting comments from Vince Gill, Kent Westberry, and Johnny Bush really hit the nail on the head. Jimmy Wayne’s comments show yet another side of why such mediocre dreck winds up on Top 40 AirHead Country radio these days. Just pathetic. On the other hand the fact Colt Ford gets so little airplay is actually a bit encouraging in and of itself.

    Some of the folks that might have wanted Caitlin Rose to stop didn’t want to alienate her mother (and Taylor Swift mentor) songwriter Liz Rose, or maybe not…

    Justin Moore was indeed considered a bit strange when he was inspired and wrote “I Could Kick Your Ass” as a child while playing with his Urban Cowboy Edition Ken doll…..

  3. Rick says

    Hey, since the Toby Keith item was sort of political, I have breaking news about yet another sexual harassment claim involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain! Finally someone has the guts to just come out and tell it like it is!

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2tLYE4SYIs

    Its nice to finally get some real substance on this matter since everything the “Politico Correcto” website has been reporting has been pure, unadulterated bullsh*t…


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