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Quotable Country – 10/26/09 Edition

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The whole thing about “based on a true story,” well, if you want all the drama and all the fun and all the surrealism in a really great story, to get right down to hanging with the exact truth of it, sometimes they’re a little bit boring. So I could give a sh*t if it’s based on a true story, I just want it to be a good story.
- – Robert Earl Keen speaks my language.

There’s a feature about Tim McGraw and his new album, Southern Voice, in the current issue of Reader’s Digest. In it, he says when he wrote the first single, a song about a gold-digging woman, his wife, Faith Hill, said, “Well, I hope no one thinks that’s about me.” Tim replied, “No, baby. Everybody knows you make plenty of money!”
- – You heard it from Hazel Smith first: Tim McGraw wrote “It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You.” Don’t let the fact that all reputable sources say otherwise fool you.

They are still calling Carie Lady Googoo. I think it’s mean. I love Taylor too. shes my girl! Carrie has a new cd coming out? yay!
- – Lone comment on a CMT Blog post about Kris Kristofferson.

hes handsome shes beautifull both good God lovin’ people more power to them!!
- – Comment on another CMT Blog post. So long as Carrie Underwood and boyfriend Mike Fisher aren’t ugly atheists, they’re fine by us.

There’s a lot of music and a lot of people out there who can tell you how they feel. But if you can tell somebody how they feel and they didn’t realize it until you told them, then you’ve got something.
- – Tim McGraw. I didn’t realize how I felt about Rosa Parks, the literary works of Will Farmer (?) and the televangelism of Billy Graves (?) until I heard “Southern Voice.” (Thanks for the lyrics, Roughstock!)

The last couple of months have been pretty grueling as far as work. So some days I felt like I had hair and makeup, but inside I felt a little wilting, like part of me was dying. But I think that’s worth it, that’s part of the fun.
- – Miranda Lambert is a road warrior who knows that dying inside is half the fun.

Mr. Paisley is a guitar geek posing as a dry wit. His pose is terrific; it just doesn’t adequately conceal the geek. Lots of us put on a blithe and blasé front to hide our inner compulsions, and for a good reason: not because they’re embarrassing, but because they’re dull. Over two hours, Mr. Paisley’s guitar playing — fast, fluid and voluminous — lost its flavor completely. There was just so much of it (mostly on the Telecaster; Mr. Paisley’s style is a monument to that instrument’s lean, percussive sound and country-music tradition) that it stole power from the lyrics.
- – From a Paisley concert review in the New York Times.

We want to win a Grammy, we want to sell out football stadiums, there are plenty of big things to shoot for. The ultimate goal is to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame and maybe be members of the Grand Ole Opry someday. That would be our long-term goals, for sure.
- – Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney gives me nightmares, for sure.

It is like the original?
We did a little bit of a different interpretation of it. It does resemble the original, but we did a little bit with it. If you know the song then you’ll know it. It’s a great song. A lot of people don’t know it.
- – Bucky Covington on his cover of The Commodores’ “Sail On.” If you know the song then you’ll know it. I would also add that if you don’t know it then you won’t know it. The cover is slated to appear on his next album.

I try to not be too nostalgic. And that’s a problem if you set out to play older country music and traditional music forms… But I don’t really see that big a point in me just trying to make a traditional country record without drums and with all the elements that made those old records so great. Because those records are there, and if I want to hear Carl Smith or Ray Price, I’ll listen to Carl Smith and Ray Price. It’s fun to play like that. It’s fun to do that stuff. But if you’re going to do something and present it as who you are as an individual, I think it’s selling yourself short to limit yourself.
- – Chris Scruggs considers his relationship to tradition.

I put in a lot of effort on ‘Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love,’ but it didn’t do as well as I would have liked for it to. I’m at a place in my career where I can do some different things, so we’ll see what happens. I would like to do an acoustic album, and maybe one of standards.
- – Trisha Yearwood acoustic album? Yes please. Also, HHPoL should’ve been a smash.

The A.V. Club: Rhode Island isn’t known for having much of a country-music scene. What are your thoughts on being from the North and playing music generally associated with the South?
John McCauley: That’s not all we do. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to people—it’s f*cking music. Rhode Island is just as American as country music, so anyone who wants to give us a problem about it can stick it up their ass. It’s just music we like.
AVC: Do you feel like you have gotten a lot of criticism for that?
JM: No, not really.
- – Worst interview opening ever, courtesy of Deer Tick frontman John McCauley.

I just spilled wine on
My coat of many colors
Soooo… one more color!
- – Love those Country Haiku.

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  1. Amen all around about Trisha Yearwood.

  2. I’m very confused by this Carrie Underwood fans vs. Taylor Swift fans business. I thought Taylor Swift’s fans only hated men and, occasionally, gay people. But now they hate Carrie Underwood… and think she is the straight Lady Gaga? While I’m at it, isn’t “the straight Lady Gaga” an oxymoron?

  3. The Enquirer is reporting Trisha is heading to Broadway now that Garth is going to Vegas.

    And this might sound uninformed of me, but could someone explain the Carrie Underwood/Lady Gaga references. I don’t know much about the former’s music and nothing about the latter, so I’m lost.

  4. The John McCauley one made me laugh.

  5. Wow, that Deer Tick guy needs to attend some “Anger Management” sessions, preferably led by Jack Nicholson!

    I think someone needs to change their name to Joe Don Looney as it doesn’t take a Monty Python member to spot him these days. I think being married to Tiffany Fallon has been a little too much for him as severe sleep deprivation seems to have taken its toll!

    I was really surprised at the end of the Chris Scruggs quote to find out that was not spoken instead by Taylor Swift! Or maybe Carrie Underwood, or maybe even Joe Don Rooney….(lol)

  6. Will Farmer’s my favorite writer!

  7. Haha! That Deer Tick interview is hilarious!
    A Trisha Yearwood acoustic disc? Now I’m in heaven. It’s enough to make me forget all about Rascal Flatts’ Opry aspirations and Bucky Covington’s Commodores covers.
    J.R., download Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”. I actually really enjoy her music.

  8. that interview with deertick was done at acl and i think they were tired of being asked the same question over and over. at any rate i’ve met john and the guys from deertick and they are a great bunch of guys too. no anger problems that i could see and they have a great bus too.


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