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Quotable Country – 10/26/08 Edition

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But I just don’t need outside production anymore. I am my niche, I created my niche, I created my world. When I come on singing it doesn’t have to be some grand production. It’s all me now. I’ve got my fingerprints all over it.
– - Toby Keith is fiercely proud of the fact that he’s solely responsible for his years-long artistic nosedive.

To me, country is not something you can tell people you are. Country is not something you can put on or take off. It’s not a certain way you dress. And if you have to tell people in a song, ‘I’m country,’ then I start wondering. You should be able to hear it.
– - Lee Ann Womack hits the nail on the head.

Carrie Underwood Poses with Statue
– - Now that’s what I call a gripping headline.

Sugarland guitarist Kristian Bush could be mistaken for a Rhodes scholar. He’s not only very well-educated but articulate enough that if music hadn’t worked out, he could have been a college professor.
– - Don’t be fooled by the quirky hat! He’s not an eccentric intellectual, just a workaday thug who, like, totally kicked Miley Cyrus in the teeth that one time.

I gotta be honest: I hear my voice now, and I go, ‘Daggum, that’s pretty cool.’
– - I say the same thing when I hear Rodney Crowell’s voice (via The 9513).

The song is so fiercely un-country that it makes “Bob That Head” sound like Bob Wills, and the screen adaptation exacerbates that problem by setting the story at an upscale fashion shoot, of all places. What does it say that the same genre that once gave us “Coal Miner’s Daughter” now implores us to sympathize with a pretty upper-middle class girl who lacks the self-confidence to sex it up for the camera?
– - Dan Milliken reviews the music video for Jimmy Wayne’s “I Will.”

This article blows! But I respect the opinions of others.
– - The first of 45 angry fan responses to an amusing Bucky Covington concert review.

I have these political things coming out of me – we all do – but it doesn’t necessarily mean we know what we’re talking about. I’m a reluctant person to get into politics. In fact, I’m not even sure this is political, but these songs I sort of put into the category of ‘nearly accusatory.’ And that’s not my style; it’s just what came out of me.
– - Have you downloaded Todd Snider’s Peace Queer yet? 5 more days…

I really don’t have that much more money than before I made it. [...] I have tried to buy [my parents] a house, but they don’t want me to.
– - Before you leap to judgment, you should know that these statements aren’t necessarily contradictory. It’s possible that Carrie Underwood was planning to pay for the house in ham or some other non-monetary currency.

I think it’s the writer in me that’s a little more obsessed with the meaning of the song than the vocal technique. All that stuff is like math to me. Over-thinking vocals and stuff — I never want to get to that point.
– - Taylor Swift. Seriously, guys, listenable vocals are sooo boring.

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  1. Good! I was afraid we wouldn’t see an edition this week.
    Interesting Carrie quote. Maybe she was being funny?

  2. Possibly. I read it more as false modesty, though.

    Bit later than usual because I had to stretch to find enough suitable material. People better say some foolish things in the week ahead or I’ll be out of business.

  3. You stole the theme for my Toby Keith album review and my discussion thread idea for tonight all in the first two quotes. Thanks a bunch. *grins

    As far as that Taylor Swift quote, it’s in stark contrast to Patty Loveless and Lee Ann Womack. In our interview, Patty mentioned listening to the old records to glean vocal techniques, and in the press features of her album, it sounds like Lee Ann did the same. Just sayin’.

  4. This article blows! But I respect the opinions of others.

  5. Oh, you flatterer. Come off it. (Thanks). :)

  6. Oh, I didn’t get that Grayson C.’s review of Bucky Covington’s concert was meant to be “amusing”.
    Guess you and he have a different snese of humor than most country fans. Reminds me of the sick kinds of amusement that immature and jealous type people indulge in by making fun of others for no good reason!

  7. “Reminds me of the sick kinds of amusement that immature and jealous type people indulge in by making fun of others for no good reason!”

    Yep. Nya, nya, nya, nya!

  8. If I ever got the chance to kick Miley Cyrus in the teeth, I would certainly gloat about it to everyone I know; except for little girls.

    About how much ham would a nice house cost? Just wondering…

    I love these posts. xD

  9. These comments blow! But I respect the opinions of others.

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