Quotable Country – 10/24/11 Edition

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It’s got to make a blue flame go behind my left ear and chill bumps run all over my body. And immediately you say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that? I could have written that, but I didn’t think of it.’
– – Merle Haggard on what makes a great song, like “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” or “Give It Away.”

I know a lot of people see him as a staunch, dark figure. And maybe the darkness is the thing that leads a lot of people to him. But his humor is one of the most important aspects of who he was, and that’s been sadly overlooked. My dad was sometimes downright goofy, in a good way.
– – John Carter Cash on the mythical Man in Black.

When we were too broke to buy guitars, Gibson and Fender wouldn’t take care of us or give us anything. Takamine was right there. Now, if I’ve got a wounded soldier coming home, and he asks me if I can get him a guitar so he can learn to play while he’s learning to walk on his new legs, I call Takamine and they send him one.
– – Toby Keith believes in buying “American made,” but receiving favors internationally.

It’s one girl telling another girl, “I’m gonna kick your ass if you don’t stay away from my man.” Which is awesome.
– – Miranda Lambert on Loretta’s “Fist City.”

I’ve come to the decision basically or the belief that it’s just who I am. I’m a songwriter. I’m an artist. I am my mother’s son. I am my father’s son. And I’m a drug addict. And it was a behavior that I displayed very early on in my life. When I was a kid, my mom would buy granola bars and stuff and I would eat the whole box. One after the other until I was sick.
– – Justin Townes Earle found himself predisposed to addiction from an early age.

According to an itinerary for her appearance at the Americana at Brand, Sephora had to provide “chewy granola bars — assorted flavors,” low-fat Fig Newtons, large plastic cups and “clean ice,” one case of room-temperature Smart water, a grande skinny caramel latte from Starbucks with one Sweet ‘N Low, fresh fruit and a small cheese and cracker tray.
– – Taylor Swift’s rider for an in-store fragrance appearance. Knowing what we now know, that seemingly innocuous granola bar requirement is obviously a cry for help.

There’s people, no matter how old you get, they still want to live. I mean, I’m planning on — especially now that I’m single — when I’m 60, I’m hoping I’m still chasing women … and drinking! I’m living ’til I die!
– – Eddie Montgomery seems to think that 60-year-olds are basically on their deathbeds. He’s almost 50.

I for real don’t have a boyfriend. I sit by myself and I watch ‘Law and Order.’ I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have even kind of a boyfriend. I don’t have someone that I’m texting that’s a guy that might someday be my boyfriend. There’s nothing going on right now.
– – Taylor Swift to Ellen DeGeneres.

That’s pathetic.
– – Ellen DeGeneres to Taylor Swift.

I was listening to a lot of Bob Seger and Steve Forbert, kind of like ’80s rock music. So in a way I kind of wanted to make some things a little more rock ballad-y. I tried to branch out … but I guess I didn’t do a very good job of it.
– – Zoe Muth on her inadvertently traditional-sounding “Starlight Hotel.”

I’ve got six TVs in there. I’ve got a 65 [inch], and on top of that, I have two 48s and then under that, I’ve got two 36s, I think, and then I’ve got another 65 [inch] on another wall. Football Sunday and Saturday is pretty huge for me. I watch every game.
– – Darius Rucker has so many TVs in his man cave that he can’t even quite remember all of them.

You know you’re all very sick, you really are — it’s so sad. […] What a bunch of psychopaths. Woo hoo.
– – Admitted Shania Twain stalker to court upon being denied bail.

Seriously, who else would you put on there besides me?
– – Colt Ford on Country Weekly’s Sexiest Man.

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  1. Rick says

    No wonder Taylor doesn’t have a boyfriend, she probably makes similar demands about a craft service rider before each date! It seems the “prima donna” syndrome is starting to affect little old media mogul Taylor…

    What is Merle talking about with a blue flame behind his left ear? Must have been a frequent event when he was in Willie Nelson’s tour bus…

    Zoe Muth is soooooooo naturally laid back the idea of her trying to emulate a rockin’ Bob Seger song makes me chuckle. She should instead do a version of Katmandu and substitute one of those wacky native American place names that plague so many of Washington state’s smaller rural cities…

    So if Miranda catches some other floozy trying to make time with Blake, will she take her to “Fist City”? Better that than shooting her with rock salt I guess.


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