Quotable Country – 10/24/10 Edition

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As your career grows, the list of things that makes you happy should not become smaller, it should become bigger. You can’t cross off walking in the park. You can’t cross off talking to people, just because you’re talking to more people. I still love all the things I used to love, I just love more things.
– – Taylor Swift on protecting her happiness.

Q: What’s the best thing about fatherhood?
A: Having kids is like having really important puppies. The best thing about them is like training a dog – seeing everything you taught them come into play. It’s the best thing about fatherhood.
– – Uncle Kracker in the 10/18 issue of Country Weekly. Sure his kids will appreciate being likened to housepets.

If I don’t faint — if I get through it — it’ll be okay. Most people start in a bar… then a bigger bar, then a theater. You’re not supposed to just start at the CMAs!
– – Gwyneth Paltrow on her upcoming country awards show debut.

We’re not from Nashville, and we didn’t have any roots within the system there. So we didn’t fall into the habits that some [other artists] get into — and they’re good habits, they help you get a record deal. But Atlanta is really a neat place to start as a musician, because you have all these nearby places where you play these clubs — Athens, Birmingham, Charleston, Greenville — and they’re clubs that are full of all kinds of music. They’re clubs where R.E.M., Drivin N Cryin and the Indigo Girls play, and my old band would have regular gigs there, too.
– – Kristian Bush is doing Nashville the Atlanta way.

Add a dash of Blondie, Simple Minds, the Clash and Johnny Cash — this is what you’re going to come up with.
– – Memo to Kristian Bush: Cash stopped being a useful reference around the time EVERYONE started claiming him as an influence. But I’ll bite. Where, pray tell, can he be heard in the music of Sugarland?

He was amazing! He’s one of the best singers in town, period! [He’s] so soulful.
– – Keith Urban on Billy Currington. I sense a bromance brewing.

For so long, we were playing shows, and it was just 90 percent girls out there, and that was so cool for a while. But I ended up going hunting with Tim McGraw one time, and he’d seen that one night at a show he [attended]. He was like, ‘Man, that’s cool and all, but you’ve got to get them both. You’ve got to get the guys and the girls, so drop the love songs for a minute.’ [laughs] And I took Tim up on that advice.
– – Billy Currington on the reasoning behind his recent spate of beer-drinking songs.

You just picture Darius, his wife and three kids. It’s such an insight into his life. I’m sure it’s going to be a single.
– – Beville Darden, co-founder of AOL’s The Boot, sounding very much like a Darius Rucker fangirl as she discusses “This” for an article in a South Carolina paper.

Kelley, 29, is tall (6-6), movie-star handsome and, judging by the reaction of the women at Northrop, naturally sexy. He has the most luscious male voice to come along in country music since Keith Urban. In fact, he came across like a bearded, height-enhanced Urban with a deeper voice, without a guitar but with a higher cuddly quotient. And he could sell a song, with his graceful moves, intense body language and flair for facing Scott and making her feel as if he was emoting those feelings for her. Just one month into his first headlining tour, he looked to be having the time of his life.
Scott, 24, gave it back to him. She’s a passable harmony singer but as a lead vocalist, her nasally twang didn’t blend in smoothly with his honey-kissed baritone. Moreover, whenever Scott sang lead, she couldn’t muster the power to overcome the too-loud kick-drum. When she essayed the quiet piano plaint “I Can’t Make You Love Me” that Bonnie Raitt made into a pop hit, it was clear why this colorless karaoke-like singer was twice rejected on “American Idol.”
– – Jon Bream thinks Lady Antebellum owes most of its success to Charles Kelley.

Ruby was written so fast. I was at a traffic jam in Nashville. I was heading home from the office of my publishing company. I had the radio on, and Johnny Cash was singing “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town,” and I just said out loud, ‘Now, Ruby, don’t take your love to town.’ By the time I got home, I had that song written in about 30 minutes. I played it to my wife, and she looked at me and said, ‘That’s the worst song I have ever heard.’ I said, ‘Well, we will see.’
– – Mel Tillis on the birth of a Kenny Rogers (and Johnny Darrell) hit.

She blows me away. It’s amazing to me that someone so young is writing such great songs. She’s got a great career ahead of her.
– – Kris Kristofferson on Taylor Swift.

There are too many people coming from American Idol and those karaoke kinds of things. And how can somebody take you through a gamut of emotions when they just put these songs together in the last six months? They can’t walk you through a night of emotion, which is what country is supposed to be.
– – Gary Allan.

It would basically be like, ‘Did you move to Orlando and start dressing like Mickey Mouse?’ Nashville is known for country music, but it’s not a country-music town. It’s their gimmick to get tourists there. I’ve not met anyone in a country music band in Nashville. You can go down to the honky-tonks and hear some country music, but no one’s trying to make it in a country band.
– – Nashville-based pop-rocker Stephen Christian.Uh, if nobody’s trying to make it in a country band, who are all those people playing country music at the honky tonks? Very confused.

I did a lot of crazy stuff before I ever picked up a guitar and got serious. Yeah, I got locked up in Texas for five years after being busted with 52 pounds of marijuana. A lot of people sing ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ or songs about being in prison and living hard. I lived it.
– – Lucky Tubb, grand-nephew of Ernest, claims some outlaw cred. 52 pounds of marijuana? I think even Willie would agree that’s a little excessive… unless it was more than one day’s supply.

The times we are living in right now are pretty hard times, and a lot of my friends are out of work. If you got good music to listen to, you can do a lot with your life. If you got good music, motivation to go out and live, then you are going to be alright. It’s a needed thing. You have to have music to get through this world.
– – Wayne Hancock.

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  1. ChurchsChicken says

    American Idol has no problem finding multiple individuals who make more engaging music than dreck like “Watching Airplanes” and “She’s So California.” Its been a long time since Allan came out with a good single.

    The problem isn’t too much American Idol. Its too many crappy singles like “California” being sent to radio. Maybe Allan would get airplay again if he actually considered releasing a good single. Until then, AI is better entertainment than Gary.

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    The CMAs should have not just Paltrow but Snooki on. Honestly, Snooki is a lot more relevant culturally than a lot of country singers. Think about it: I bet Snooki covering a George Jones song would get higher ratings than George Jones singing one of his songs. And she’d be more entertaining too. Get Snooki on and fast, cuz her career won’t last much longer.

  3. says

    Apparently Kris Kristofferson is Team Taylor.

    I am almost dreading what sugar-coated single Darius is going to ship to radio next. A song title like “This” just screams boring, and that song sounds like a million I’ve heard before, each less interesting than the one before it.

  4. Rick says

    Wayne Hancock said: “If you got good music, motivation to go out and live, then you are going to be alright. It’s a needed thing. You have to have music to get through this world.” Hey Wayne, I’ll settle for just making it through a week from this Tuesday! (lol)

    I don’t know who Jon Bream is, but he sure sounds gay using adjectives like “luscious” and “cuddly” for Charles Kelley and then thrashing Hillary Scott. Either way I can guarantee he’s an Obamavoter!

    Anyone else notice the six staffers shown on pages at The Boot are all women? This wussification/chickification of mainstream country music is partly why its become far more about the artists’ personal iives and less about the music. At least the CMT bloggers were a mix of guys and gals, and Alison Bonaguro too!

    Gwyneth Paltrow said: “You’re not supposed to just start at the CMAs!” I agree Gwyneth and feel you should give up your spot to a real country artist like Sunny Sweeney as a good faith gesture…

  5. chad brock says

    I love it that a snot nosed high school kid from Russellville, Ky is now an expert on country music, Ben Foster go back and play with your Ken Doll son. Or if you are such an expert go on down to Nashville and make a difference, until then shut-up until you know what you are talking about.

  6. says

    I’m sure Kristian Bush probably thinks he sounds open-minded and visionary citing such a diverse mix of artists as Sugarland’s influences; but as I said at my own blog, there are going to be some influences that when they come together are going to be the audio equivalent of steak dipped in chocolate pudding — that is, the way those influences come together isn’t going to sound that good. I like several different kinds of music — among the artists you’ll find on my iPod are Kelly Clarkson, Iron Maiden and Lefty Frizzell — but if I claimed them all as influences on me as an artist (if I were a country music artist, that is), I don’t think many people would find such a mix appealing.


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