Quotable Country – 10/19/08 Edition

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The little guy hit me.
– – Jerry Montano on taking a blow to the face from a drunken John Rich’s beer bottle.

And the writers that I’m writing with start playing the guitar and start humming melodies and I’ll hum along with them. And the lyrics come so easy. If you don’t write a song in an hour, you’re not having a good day.
– – Here’s a thought, Ms. Simpson: if songwriting comes that easily for you, maybe it’s because you’re not actually doing any of the work.

Of course, there’s plenty of pop-influenced songs and recordings parading as country music these days. That’s been the situation for at least the past 40 years or so, and it’s not going to change. However, as long as people are still being handsomely rewarded for writing songs that mention turnip trucks, pork rinds, shooting beer cans with a BB gun and, above all, celebrating the dignity of the common man, we’re in no danger of losing our true country roots anytime soon.
– – Country music is in good hands as long as people keep mentioning superficial elements of rural life in slick, overproduced country-pop songs? Sorry, I think there might be more to the tradition than that.

I’ve even suggested that a guy be charged with attempted murder if he gets behind the wheel drinking. A vehicle in his hands is a weapon. But I doubt if that idea will fly — too many judges like to have a nip.
– – Charlie Louvin.

I’ll do some songs I never do and take some requests. There’s no set list. I’m calling it the ‘Stump the Idiot’ tour.
– – Vince Gill on his current tour.

The brightest highlight of the evening had to be when Paisley sang a duet, “Whisky Lullaby”, with Alison Krauss on a big screen behind him. Then out of a dark corner stepped Krauss, in the flesh, according to some, to continue the song with the country star. Though the effect of the bluegrass star on screen may have just been very convincing.
– – I don’t know what the reviewer thinks she’s saying, but what I’m getting is that the ghost of Alison Krauss showed up to duet with Brad Paisley.

We can write some dumbass songs, but I don’t think I’ve ever written one as dumb as this one.
– – Jamey Johnson’s live introduction(?) to “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

There are girls who are going to listen [to “Ten With a Two”] and say, you know what, I’ve been there, too. A girl leaving a bar, thinking she’s left with Brad Pitt and waking up with me or you.
How do you know I’m a 2?
You’re right. So waking up with me.
– – Kenny Chesney gets called out by an interviewer.

I’m in Hootie and the Blowfish, man. A lot of people don’t get second chances.
– – Darius Rucker fears being in Hootie might be an unpardonable sin.

How has country changed since you’ve been gone?
– – Worst Dolly Parton interview question ever.

Musically you’ve bounced around and “Backwoods Barbie” is your first mainstream country album in seventeen years. Why come back?
As I mentioned, I never left…
– – Same interview, two questions later.

Bellamy Brothers to perform 33 years of hits at Soboba
– – I’m pretty sure that should read “15 years of hits 18 years later.”

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  1. Dan says

    “If you don’t write a song in an hour, you’re not having a good day.”

    Oh, obviously. What a crime it would be to spend actual time on a piece of art. You might even wind up with something creative or listenable, and where would you be then?

  2. Dan says

    Ha, you’re better at it than I am anyway; that quote just crossed the line from amusingly foolish to insultingly ignorant, en mi opinion.

  3. J.R. Journey says

    Interviewers are getting dumber and dumber everyday it seems. How could somebody ask Dolly Parton ‘how has country changed since you left’? Isn’t that some sort of blasphemy?

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