Quotable Country – 10/10/11 Edition

A slightly abbreviated edition this week, but the rest of our posting schedule should (finally) be picking back up.

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It will be a very country album, with steel guitar, fiddle, banjo, Dobro and all the acoustic sounds I like. We were just gonna call the album Country.
– – Dierks Bentley on his next album, which will be, well, country. But called “Home.”

They paid a lot of attention to the original version, you can tell. I just think they went a little bit crazy with the Pro Tools.
– – Kenny Loggins on the Blake Shelton cover of “Footloose.”

It’s almost one of those things where you don’t feel worthy to be in the same breath as those other names.
– – Jay DeMarcus on the Opry induction of Rascal Flatts. This is one case where he should probably go ahead and trust his instincts.

The only person out there worthy of mixing political views and music is Jello Biafra.
– – Hank Williams III on his dad’s Hitler comparison fiasco.

Williams says he wrote the verse when he woke up Friday morning and recorded it in a Nashville studio that same afternoon. It could be on iTunes late Monday or early Tuesday. […] The brouhaha prompted Williams also to start selling “Hank Jr. for President” T-shirts on his website.
– – … which, by the way, Hank Jr. is thoroughly monetizing (or, in Toby Keith parlance, super-size french frying) with a hastily-conceived ESPN-slamming single… and a political T-shirt line. Good grief.

I really wanted to make a record that was organic and rootsy – not a lot of production, not a lot of layers – just simple and straight-forward.
– – Martina McBride on her new album, out tomorrow.

This one was totally Brad’s idea.
– – Kelley Lovelace wisely passes the blame for Paisley’s “Camouflage.”

I do not in any way try to follow a trend. I actively try to avoid it. “If You’re Going Through Hell” came out of that feeling. I’m not singing about, like, “I’m so country that I smell like a barn.”
– – Rodney Atkins is a trailblazer… or maybe just a guy with an exceptionally poor grasp of how he has come off in every radio single since 2006.

Merle’s like Hank Williams to me. He could sing the alphabet if he wanted. I would like it.
– – Kris Kristofferson on tourmate Merle Haggard.

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  1. says

    Too bad Martina didn’t actually make the kind of record she’s saying she wanted to make.

    Kenny Loggins is correct in his assessment about Blake’s version of “Foot Loose”, the processing is too much.

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    I think Rascal Flatts is easily worthy of Opry membership. Sure, they may not be “worthy” compared with some members, but then again some of the members who were inducted as b-list stars are hardly worthy of the Flatts.

    I don’t think the Flatts are especially good musically, but considering some of the recent inductions, I’d say they are “worthy.”

    Though the Flatts seem to have lost a bit of steam, career-wise, in the last few years. It seems the Opry gets stars as they are beginning to fade not rise.

  3. Chris says

    “- – Rodney Atkins is a trailblazer… or maybe just a guy with an exceptionally poor grasp of how he has come off in every radio single since 2006.”

    Or maybe just a really bad singer -__-


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