Quotable Country – 10/06/09 Edition

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I don’t always wear my sunblock. But you know what? My dad didn’t wear sunblock and his dad didn’t wear sunblock. And like my song ‘American Ride’ says, ‘Look ma, no hands.’ The world’s gonna keep spinning. You’ve gotta die from something, don’t you?
– – No sunblock? Wow, that’s wild. Toby Keith isn’t joking about this outlaw thing.

It’s been a longtime dream of mine to play the Station Inn, and tonight I feel one step closer to that goal.
– – Steve Martin onstage at the Station Inn.

You get old quick. A lot of them go through their whole lives without benefits or retirement. But it’s a wanderlust. And people that have quit, for whatever reason, you can see it in their eyes. They’re not complete. They may be safer, but they’re not complete.
– – Dale Ann Bradley on the bluegrass lifestyle.

With ‘Back That Thing Up,’ people got a good idea that we like to have a good time and that I don’t take myself too seriously. It had a Southern rock feel, which is a big part of my record and my live shows. With ‘Small Town USA,’ I think people got a better grasp of what I’m all about as a person.
– – As a person, Justin Moore is all about cliches.

I was in the middle of doing something really rare in Nashville: making a country music record. (applause) You guys know what I’m talking about. What is that sh*t, anyhow?
– – Marty Stuart onstage at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco.

Someone’s smoking some pot!
(big crowd response, then a long pause)
Well, since they ain’t gonna share…
– – Hazel Dickens (age 74) catches a whiff from onstage at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco.

I thought I was bitching about country music a lot five years ago but it’s so bad now ― songs are just bumper sticker sh*t. I wonder sometimes, do I want to be on CMT? Do I want to be on country radio?
– – Corb Lund on mainstream country.

Was the song “From Here to Forever” written for your kids?
– – Interview question by Chet Flippo. I’ll bet the thing that tipped him off was the first few seconds of the recording, where Kristofferson says “This one’s for my kids.”

I sing like a frog.
– – Kristofferson tries to talk Fred Foster out of giving him a record deal.

I have fans that come up to me and say, ‘Thanks for being normal.’ I’m a size 6 to 8, and I’m totally fine with that. Beyoncé is an inspiration to me — she has a booty and is proud of it.
– – I think it’s great that fans have found it in their hearts to embrace entertainers as overweight and average-looking as Miranda Lambert and Beyoncé.

Bryan paints his word pictures with straightforward descriptions like “Rain makes corn; corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky.” Innuendo be darned.
– – From a review of Luke Bryan’s album. Those lyrics sure do paint a picture.

I remember when I was walking into every record label, trying to get a deal, and every single one of them informed me that they were looking for an Australian male who had hair that looked like Keith Urban’s. I remember thinking to myself, ‘That is so warped.’ Something’s working, so they want to find a billion things to try to copy it.
– – Even Taylor Swift isn’t so keen on the way business is done in Nashville.

I see what people say about my records and my songs. It’s hard not to see it, because you’re trying to pass it along to others. I think I have a pretty thick skin in that I don’t take it personally. (After all you can’t criticize a critic for critiquing a record that you sent him to critique.) But when it is time to sit down and CREATE again…that stuff comes creeping back in. You play a riff and you think, “That’s a cool starting place.” and you hear a voice that says, “…retreading Rolling Stone licks isn’t country…” and you think, “Wait. Is that just a Rolling Stone lick? That isn’t really country, is it? That rhythm is too rock, and it takes the song too far away from what most people think of as honky tonk. Damn, maybe that isn’t good. Do we have any beer?”
– – Grant Langston on how reading his own press affects his creative process.

I had a bunch of his albums, and after I listened to those, I thought, ‘Wow — what’s left to say?’ I had to throw them in the river, ‘cuz if I didn’t, I would have become a fan. And if I became a fan, it’d be all over.
– – Billy Joe Shaver on being a post-Dylan songwriter.

It’s hard, as a Top 40 radio station, to go out on a limb and play a country artist. Country can be a polarizing outlet. … [Taylor Swift] somehow won over the pop crowd.
– – Might have something to do with her music being pop.

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  1. Rick says

    If what Taylor said was true, then the only thing that kept Jedd Hughes from super stardom was his haircut at the time “High Lonesome” hit the radio airwaves! It will break Jedd’s heart to learn of this now while out on the “10 (Unknowns) Out Of Tenn” Tour! Its just so sad…(lol)

    Grant Langston is an interesting guy. I’ll try to ask him an intelligent question the next time I see him. Maybe something like “have you tried Vicodin with other beers besides Shiner Bock and how were the results different? ” Hmm….

    Kellie Gormly of the Tribune Review is giving Alison Bonaguro a run for the money as far as vapidity in young/modern country fluff journalism is concerned. My favorite paragraph:
    “A country star gaining crossover fans from the pop-music world is nothing new; it happens more and more often in an industry that increasingly blurs the line between the two genres, experts and fans say. Still, the question remains: Is Swift still predominantly a country artist, or is she now mostly a pop princess?”
    I think the only appropriate answer to that weighty inquiry is: Who in their right mind gives a Sh*t! Holy crap!”

  2. Kim says

    The funniest part of that article is this paragraph:

    Julia Hansberry, 12, of Upper St. Clair says Swift is the only country artist she likes. Julia says Swift is “somewhere in between” country and pop. “It sounds like pop music, but it also sounds like country music,” Julia says. “I think she is a little more pop than country.”

    why are the adult “experts” trying to maintain that she’s a pure country star?

  3. Mike K says

    We all need to go out and buy some more of Billy Joe’s beautiful chairs! I love reading the interviews that he does. I can’t believe that his concert only attracted a “few dozen.” Come on California!

    That’s it, two exclamation points is my limit. :)

    thanks as always, CM

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