Quotable Country – 09/26/10 Edition

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What the frisky did was it took it from just a farming-oriented song to everybody. Girls dig it, guys — you can play that song in Chicago and still get the full effect with the frisky added in there. I’m not sure if we quite would have pulled it off [otherwise]. We might not be sittin’ here [at a No. 1 party] without the frisky part.
- – Songwriter Dallas Davidson explains how the excellence of “Rain Is a Good Thing” all hinges on the word ‘frisky.’ Uhhh, whatever you say, hoss.

Yall need to shut your mouth ruuning it about sugarland this is a great song if you don’t like it turn to another staion but quit running your mouth about sugarland just think if you were a country singer and you got a brand new song out and people were ruuning their mouths how would it make you feel? think about it before you say something bad about some one else before you run your mouth (:
- – Fan heroically comes to the defense of “Stuck Like Glue.”

Nashville every day of the week cranks the biggest pieces of dog s*** records that have ever been made. I’m practically embarrassed to be from Nashville because of that. The only reason I am embarrassed about being from Nashville is the s*** songwriting, s*** records and s*** singers who are making a million dollars.
- – Justin Townes Earle gets all belligerent on the day before his arrest.

I felt like I was going to pass out! He said so many nice things about my songwriting, and he said, ‘I don’t see what will stop you from having the most beautiful life and career.’ I can’t even remember everything he said. I blacked out a little bit.
- – Taylor Swift on an encounter with All for the Hall co-headliner Kris Kristofferson.

Q: You’re an avid golfer. If you had to choose between a gorgeous day on the course and singing ‘American Ride’ on stage, what’s your call?
A: I don’t think there is a choice. One’s my job and the other’s my addiction.
- – Toby Keith, romantically, on his creative output.

You know, it’s like lightnin’ is strikin’ all over. Places that I played last year are burnin’ at my heels!
- – Merle Haggard, on being told that a venue he played had burnt down.

Q: So when will we see a new Rodney Atkins album?
A: The record label decided to put this single ["Farmer's Daughter"] out and repackage the ‘It’s America’ album. I don’t know why they do that; all that did is confuse me, because that album is a year-and-a-half old.
- – Rodney Atkins gets some pity points for being on Curb Records…

Q: Do you ever get song ideas from the books you read?
A: Yeah, and from watching ‘CSI:’ or going to a movie. I used to watch ‘M*A*S*H’ all the time, and now I’ve seen each episode ten times, and there are great one liners in those shows. I used to get all kinds of ideas from ‘M*A*S*H.’ Now my wife has me watching ‘Modern Family.’ The show kills me.
- – … and maybe some cool points for liking Modern Family. But song ideas from M*A*S*H? Call it a draw.

I compare pop culture to being in a forest. On top, everything is all green, there’s this frothy, pretty layer. But once you get your eyes off that, if you scratch under a rock you can still find some very interesting stuff going on that doesn’t fit the green, frothy, pretty standard.
The mainstream is an ugly, disposable place, and that’s not what country music was ever about.
- – Raul Malo on pop culture being as ugly and disposable as frothy treetops? Not completely sure I follow.

Q: Do you schedule your year around it now?
A: We just put it on the calendar – first weekend of October. We just block that out regardless of what else we’ve got going on.
- – Emmylou Harris on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. (Next weekend!)

Basically what happened was, they wanted to sing about having babies, and I wanted to sing about making babies. And you can see that in the music I made after that band. ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ and ‘Mr. Mom’ are about as far apart as you can get in the country spectrum.
- – John Rich on splitting from Lonestar.

You could ask a guy my age or 90 when was he the happiest and had the most fun, and everybody that I have talked to said it was when they played high school football.
- – If you didn’t play high school football, you’re dead to Kenny Chesney.

The State Fair of Texas is as inherently Texan as country music and football.
- – Country music is inherently Texan now? To hell with Chicago, Nashville, Bakersfield, all of Appalachia…

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not performing?
A: I’m a very avid texter. Between April and May, I sent 24,000 text messages. Reading, I love to read, I love to watch TV, anything a normal teenager would like to do. I’m taking Japanese class on Tuesday, because I love Japanese culture.
- – Up-and-comer Emma Jacob averages 30+ texts per hour, awake or asleep.

A Winona man was so incensed by a cab driver’s refusal to play country music Sunday morning, he refused to pay for the trip, scuffled with the driver and ran from police, reports said.
- – Don’t let anyone tell you Minnesotans aren’t crazy for country music.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful chat! To me there is no one out there who is more precious and sweet hearted than James, I love the beautiful teddy bear so much!!! (big smile)
God bless you and him always!!!
- – Guess who?

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Blake Boldt says:

    Rodney Atkins and I have more in common than I thought.

  2. ChurchsChicken says:

    Could that last post be from “Holly in East Tennessee,” the “James Otto Sweet Heart.” I am recording my guess now without looking. I know its a tough, tough question but I am a good guesser.

    I actually kinda agree with the “frisky” thing. Putting sex or a hot chick in a song definitely makes it more interesting to me. But I think the word “frisky” is a bit prudish. The proper word is “horny.”

  3. Ben Foster says:

    Wow, Curb records has gotten so good at… repackaging things. They’re repackaging Tim McGraw yet again, and now they’re doing the same to Rodney Atkins.

    The Merle Haggard item reminded me of a friend I know who went to a convention in Montana. One week later, the venue was leveled by a tornado.

    Of course country music is inherently Texan. Just ask anyone from Texas!

    On the “Stuck Like Glue” item, I might mention that I tend to hate it when fans heroically come to the defense of anything (especially Carrie Underwood). While I do like “Stuck Like Glue,” it does annoy me when people try to alter opinions with a profound revelation that “all” of their favorite artists’ songs are “AWESOME.”

  4. Re: Kenny Chesney: This.

  5. SHORESLADY says:

    Worth noting that the women also got frisky back in 1991 when Hank Jr. invited Clint Black to pay a visit to the “Hotel Whiskey” but that one only made it to #54 on theCountry charts, The video shows a crowd a bit more grown-up and serious about their fun than the gang zipping around in their trucks in the recent usage.
    I’d say that success hinges more on Luke Bryan’s giggle which seems to say “Dang! A girl kissed me!”


  6. ChurchsChicken says:

    My Life is Now Complete! I was mourning the fact that Alison Bonaguro was not posting her thoughts on the CMT blog anymore but I just found out that she is posting her drivel in the CMT news section! I never read that section before, but I now have. It looks like Ms. Bonaguro’s idiocy has been reigned in a bit on these new entries but they are still awesome.

    I have also read some of Bonaguro’s writing for the Chicago Tribune. Again, there she seems a bit more intelligent than she did on the cmt blog. I think in part Bonaguro was writing down to the cmt crowd. Bonaguro might in her heart think country fans are stupid, or at least cmt readers are stupid, and she writes to please their idiocy.

    Who knows. Anyway I hope Alison writes a lot of her stupid nonsense so that people can make fun of it. I had no idea she was in the CMT News Section! Woo Hoo. Alison’s writing is so bad, its good!

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