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You know, the Eagles records would be country music now. It sort of was then, too — Dr. Hook and things like that. There are a lot of those elements in this album and a lot of things we grew up listening to. And sort of a modern twist on those things, too, and some modern stories. There’s some heaviness to it, some lightheartedness to it. I think that it’s sort of a journey throughout the whole record.
- – Tim McGraw does his best to convey no interesting information about his upcoming album.

Awards shows are of themselves a load of bollocks. Everyone in show business will tell you that. But they are essential because they’re the glue that keeps the big illusion patched together. They’re the duct tape that holds this big backdrop up and carries the message to the fans that it is, after all, a big deal — maybe the biggest deal of all. [...] Everyone needs that fussy but grand ritual.
- – Chet Flippo gets it right with his take on awards shows.

Randy [Houser] writes and performs like a champ, and Zac [Brown] writes, sings and plays the living daylight out of a guitar. Of course, Jamey Johnson hit us with an album that’s so good, it touches your heart like Hank Williams did in the early ’50s. Jake Owen is so good looking, and Darius Rucker is such a star.
- – Jake Owen gets the worst of Hazel Smith’s compliments: these three acts are great, this guy is such a star… Jake Owen has very white teeth. Yep, pretty sure that’s a burn.

Gloriana tweeted, “congratulations sweetheart! Keep ur head up. We love u!”
- – I know the trend of quoting Twitter messages in major news stories is catching on, but do we really need to know what Gloriana told Swift after The Incident? Especially when it’s this uninteresting?

I don’t really like records that are just overdone to death, layered and all that stuff. Everything on this record is played live, especially my vocals. If I don’t get the vocal performance, I’ll do it again. So it’s not all chopped up and put together.
- – Guy Clark talks about keeping it real in an interview with The 9513′s Sam Gazdziak.

Everyone’s in a really good place right now personally and professionally. I think that will be reflected in the writing for sure.
- – I’m happy for Karen Fairchild and her Little Big Town buddies, but isn’t all-around contentment one of the early warning signs of a bland album to come? Not that I’d wish suffering on anyone, but you know…

The last four records have been huge productions with songs written for big arenas, so what I think I’m ready to do is more existential music. Stuff that is big, but not the same. After doing four big albums centered around the electric [guitar], my tendency on the next record will probably be to go more toward the acoustic.
- – Pat Green is thinking about toning it down a bit for his next album.

My kind of awakening was in the past three years. For me, after I [absorbed] all of it. Made me think of the world differently. I had a daughter and began to realize the importance of truth and being a true person. I had to dig and had to find. I studied the Masons, books on the occult, the terminology. Brought me to be a completely different person.
- – Shooter Jennings is dropping the country and studying the occult, so the game of “What’s this guy about?” continues. Think he might be due to dabble in investment banking next.

I wish I had listened to country music growing up. Being a Midwestern urbanite from Chicago and Wisconsin, I assumed country music was a Southern, rural thing. I blindly swallowed all the lazy, reductive caricatures of country as the exclusive domain of pickup-truck-driving racist rednecks and toothless, moonshine-swilling hillbilly-Americans. I subscribed to a Hee Haw view of country as a whole mess of homespun foolishness us big-city types didn’t have to worry about. Oh sweet blessed Lord, was I ever wrong!
- – The Onion AV Club’s Nathan Rabin (of Nashville or Bust) on what he missed out on in his youth.

The buzz word among Panhandle students right now is “crazy.” That is how they describe a school assembly on Tuesday that was meant to keep them off drugs, but instead left them a little scared. A senior who attended the assembly says Daron Norwood “wasn’t ready at all and he just was saying all this crazy stuff and we just freaked out and he told us to bow our heads and he was yelling at us and stuff. It was kinda crazy.” Norwood, a former country music singer, says on his website he travels around the country as a motivational speaker.
- – Remember Daron Norwood? Released a couple albums on Giant in 1993 and 1995, did “Little Boy Lost” on the same Whitley tribute album that introduced the world to Alison Krauss’ version of “When You Say Nothing At All.” Judging from this story, it seems the man has fallen on hard times. Click over for the full story and a very scattered video of apology/defense from Norwood posted after the incident.

But as far as getting together and working together, within 10 minutes, we’re just about at each other’s throats. We just revert back to when we were 10 years old. It’s just, “Shut up. No, you shut up.” It’s pretty juvenile. So maybe one of these days, we might settle into a place, but we’ve never been able to make it work to this point.
- – Charlie Robison on trying to collaborate with brother Bruce.

Haggard’s feelings toward today’s country music musicians mirror an ambivalence toward politics. The last song he recalls really liking was [LeAnn] Rimes’ “Blue.” But he adds that, “Alan Jackson is a good country artist, and George Strait does real good.”
- – Haggard hasn’t liked a new song since 1996… and that one was written for Patsy Cline in the ’60s. But Hag’s right: “Blue” was one of the coolest anomalies ever. We need a “Blue” on the radio now.

I have purchased underwear for the guys before — when they forgot theirs on a trip. It’s not something I do usually. I don’t get texts asking me to buy their underwear.
- – An absolutely fascinating interview with John Murphy, fashion stylist for Rascal Flatts.

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Dan says:

    Man, I get so sick of people saying the Eagles are like today’s country. I know not everyone’s a fan, but something as legitimately artistic as “Lyin’ Eyes” or “Tequila Sunrise” would have a hell of a time getting played on country radio by anyone besides Chesney/Paisley/Strait/Urban/Underwood.

  2. If Shooter Jennings is following David Icke as per that interview, he’s gone *seriously* insane. (The guy believes the world is ruled by a conspiracy of reptilic aliens in human form.)

  3. David Jones says:

    Karen Fairchild says she and the rest of Little Big Town are in a really good place … are they still in Nashville or have they moved somewhere different?

  4. Steve Harvey says:

    Jesus, that Flatts interview is sad.

  5. Kim says:

    I feel kinda bad for Jake Owen there. He’s one of the few mainstream singer/songwriters that’s actually trying to be a decent artist. (minus 8 second ride obviously) Hope he gets there.

    Seriously Flatts? I hope that was a joke or something.

  6. I’m with you on Jake Owen, Kim. I have his first album and it’s really good. To hear songs like “Ghosts” and “Startin’ With Me” and not to say anything more about the artistry displayed there than “Jake Owen is so good looking”…gah, what an insult. He’s not a Jamey Johnson, but he doesn’t have to be.

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