Quotable Country – 09/13/09 Edition (II)

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It’s just really good to figure out that somebody actually gives a crap.
– – Randy Houser on receiving CMA nominations for New Artist and Music Video.

When we first moved to Nashville, Dave and I, we honestly got to the point where we just wanted to write songs. I love writing. I love waking up around 10, write a song, eat some lunch, finish the song, and then you’re done with your day. It’s like, what a great life. [Songwriters] have the best lives ever.
– – I think Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley actually wants to be a bum, but would settle for songwriting.

George Strait is magic and we all know that.
– – Delbert McClinton on the enduring appeal of the Strait.

It sounds like someone wrote it for me, but I found it riding around with Blake. He had [it on] a pitch CD—I started balling when I heard it. He said, ‘So I guess you want that song?’
– – Miranda Lambert on one of the songs from her upcoming CD, “The House That Built Me.” The song made her start balling! Either she chooses odd times to shoot hoops or a Billboard copy editor just got fired.

I knew Brad Paisley was different in 1999. He didn’t have an album out and was opening for Loretta Lynn at Town Hall in New York City. For starters, he played his own lead guitar licks. The songs he sang — half ballads, half uptempo tunes — were his own. And there was a genuine, slightly corny charm to his sense of humor. “What’s your name?” somebody from the crowd asked. “Haven’t you heard of me?” he replied. “I’m Garth Brooks.”
– – The Houston Chronicle’s Andrew Dansby on an early encounter with Brad Paisley.

[We] return to the original country punk, Elvis, a man who would appreciate the appetite if not the sentiments Nikki expresses in the song, The Whole Damn Thing: “I got drunk and I ate the chicken/I ate the chicken I found in my kitchen/Not just the leg, not just the wing/I’d like to let you know I ate the whole damn thing.”
You’re not going to live that down if you sing about it every night, I suggest.
“Live what down?” laughs Kelley. “She’s obviously not ashamed of it.”
– – From Bernard Zuel’s fine article on Those Darlins, a spunky country-punk trio who released their debut album earlier this year. Juli Thanki reviewed it for The 9513.

“We’re really happy to release music that represents the band 110 percent,” Mates said, adding that he gets his biggest kicks out of performing on stage. “We always give it 110 percent. If it ever ended tomorrow, we’ll know we tried as hard as we could.”
– – Emerson Drive’s Brad Mates must be using some loopy Canadian percentage system.

Along the way one night, my son asked me, ‘What’s wrong with country music? It doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t sound the same.’ I said, ‘Hold it, son. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just different. Those young kids are doing it their way. We’re doing it our way. We’ve got to realize that the world is a different place, and will never be the same. After all, Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned down!’
– – Larry Gatlin makes it sound like he came up with the idea for “Johnny Cash Is Dead and His House Burned Down” while stuck inside an episode of “Leave It to Beaver.”

I said, ‘Well, it’s an honor on one hand to get a Jimmy Buffett cut, but it’s maybe even a rarer honor to be censored by the guy who wrote “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw.”’
– – Songwriter/musician/producer/renaissance man Mac McAnally on Buffett’s cut of “Stephon, the Alternative Lifestyle Reindeer” getting nixed by the singer’s legal consultants.

My real fans know I don’t even make music for them. I make music for me. Just because you liked ‘Lonesome’ doesn’t mean you have to like everything I cut.
– – Jamey Johnson has no use for superfans.

You should start a band
Learn “Free Bird” and “Ramblin’ Man”
No country songs, though
– – Country Haiku on Urban and Paisley’s “Start a Band.”

Finally, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Kanye West is sort of a tool.

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  1. idlewildsouth says

    But then Beyonce came back and used it to make herself look really good. I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but Kanye has gotten a little out of control.

  2. Mike K says

    CM, you crack me up. Now I have this weird image of miranda lambert in mesh shorts, dribbling a basketball on a tour bus.

    Depending on the current U.S.-Canadian exchange rate, Emerson Drive may be only giving 85%, which really isn’t working that hard.

    Love both editions, as usual.

  3. Rick says

    So did that song make Miranda start bawling or balling? If its the latter, I’d surmise Blake plays that song a lot when the two of them are alone together…

    You didn’t complete the Randy Houser statement! It should have read: “It’s just really good to figure out that somebody actually gives a crap about the commercial crap I can crank out, like “Boots On” for example”. In the same vein Delbert McClinton was also misquoted! What he really said was “George Strait is boring and predictable and we all know that. But getting a cut I’ve written on George’s new album is like money in the bank! Yee Haw!”.

    What’s with all this hype about “Those Darlin’s”? Talk about a novelty act with limited talent and potential. I’d much rather listen to Trailer Choir and BOMSHEL over those little tarts with potty mouths…

    Jamey Johnson is truly carrying on the “outlaw midset” legacy of Waylon, David Alan Coe, and Billy Joe Shaver. Let’s just hope he doesn’t carry it too far and wind up in jail!

  4. Annie says

    I’m a little behind in my reading, but wanted to comment on Those Darlin’s. I read Juli’s review at The 9513, and decided to give them a listen. I really like these girls. The song quoted above is my favorite. They are fresh and funny and different. Their sound reminds me of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. Potty mouthed? Maybe a little. As a female I am much more icked-out by “Rockin’ The Beer Gut”. It’s all about preference I know, but how Rick got from Those Darlin’s to Trailer Choir seems a bit of a stretch.

  5. says

    Ha, considering the things Rick says on a regular basis, I’m, frankly, surprised that he has such an aversion to potty mouths and an attraction to Bomshel’s music, since they’d fit perfectly in the “airhead” setting , as hehe so “cleverly” labels it.

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