Quotable Country – 09/13/09 Edition (I)

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The one country artist people are always surprised to hear that I like is Steve Earle. I love him because he’s a writer and he writes the real stuff. Yeah, I like ol’ Steve.
– – Alan Jackson (who does a mean cover of “John Walker’s Blues”) in the August 31 issue of Country Weekly. Coincidentally, Earle’s Transcendental Blues is the deal of the day at Amazon MP3: $2 for 15 songs.

When I saw that movie [Great Balls of Fire] I said, ‘That’s what I want to do.’
– – New artist Ash Bowers in the August 31 issue of Country Weekly. I think he means performing onstage, not starring in a wildly fictionalized biopic or marrying his 13-year-old cousin. Then again, who knows?

‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ is all about introspection and trying to figure out what’s going on in the world around you — and how you are affecting it and how it affects you. Those types of songs and that type of songwriting have always been what I’m interested in.
– – Jack Ingram on how “Barefoot and Crazy” has a lot to do with “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

“I don’t care where the good song comes from. It can come from a hog farmer in Arkansas. If it’s a good song I’m gonna cut it. And in some cases (I) have created monsters – in the case of Jamey Johnson,” he laughs. “That boy’s gone completely crazy … seen him lately?”
– – Trace Adkins. Anyway, what was he saying about the good songs?

Big & Rich is the most unlikely pairing of human beings you could possibly come up with. Kenny says, ‘I love everybody.’ I say, ‘Screw everybody.’
– – The irony of Big & Rich isn’t lost on John Rich.

This place houses the history of all this music from note one, [from] the very first records that the Carter Family made, Jimmie Rodgers made in the ‘20s up ‘til today. I hope the young people of today that are artists realize that every note of their music is being documented in the halls of this Hall of Fame just as importantly and as reverently as everybody that’s come before them.
– – Vince Gill highlights the ongoing relevance of the Country Music Hall of Fame… and gives me nightmares of “Me and My Gang” being memorialized alongside “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

I was kind of green on country music, not a country musician at all. But I was lucky enough to fall into that rock niche that was here in Nashville. Records in Nashville at that time were embracing techniques from rock music, so it was a great fit. A few key producers took me under their wing, and I was off and running.
– – Producer Dann Huff on the beginning of the end. I mean, on his start in Nashville…

Hank Williams Jr. and George Jones performed Sunday night in front of a crowd of more than 7,000 fans who showed their support by donning T-shirts and cowboy hats.
– – They put on t-shirts and everything? Wow, those must be some true country fans!

Catching Bloodshot’s radio promotion man in a striking verbal moment. “How can I order something to eat?” I asked. “There’s a mulatto gentleman upstairs,” he began. Mulatto? Would this same gentleman be offering me nourishing stout from a glass-bottom tankard? Or perchance be available after hours to squire me to the talkies, or dance the jitterbug to phonorecords? The thoroughgoing loyalty of Bloodshot employees to our American heritage is heart-warming!
– – Robbie Fulks is always hilarious. Here he’s blogging about highlights of Bloodshot Records’ recent 15th anniversary celebration in Philadelphia.

But when they start saying “[Johnny Cash] would think this,” I have a problem with that. I wouldn’t take your deceased parent and tell the world what I think they would think right at this moment. It’s just not fair. It’s not right. I guess you’re referring to when that gentleman [John Rich] tried to say my dad would have been for McCain; I didn’t think that was right and so I had to protest it. I protest them appropriating him for any political campaign. He’s not here to speak for himself, so it’s not fair.
– – Rosanne Cash in an excellent interview with Juli Thanki for The 9513.

I’ve always had a Pollyanna sense that people are pretty good and it’ll all work out, but I keep getting disappointed by the human race. It’s why I always like a little ray of hope in my songs.
– – Guy Clark writes songs that improve on real life.

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  1. Chris N. says

    I didn’t have room for it, but I can assure you that Ash said he did not have plans to emulate Jerry Lee’s personal life.

    • says

      I am relieved! But also oddly a little disappointed.

      Any thoughts on why the local Walmart only carries issues one or two weeks out of date? I’d like to pin it on that unfriendly cashier with the BO, if possible.

  2. Mike K says

    Thanks for the heads up on the Earle album. Is there anybody on the planet who wouldn’t like for Alan Jackson to say ” I like ol’ [blank]. I know I would.


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