Quotable Country – 09/09/12 Edition

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Everybody takes themselves so seriously, and artists want to appear so cool, we forget sometimes people just want to laugh and have fun and be stupid.
– – “Red Solo Cup” cowriter Jim Beavers.

I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am if I’d not played high school football.
– – And by where he is now, he means being a short, bald guy in his 40s who still won’t stop talking about high school football. Kenny Chesney.

I’m excited about my new music. It feels like it would fall into the Buddy Miller genre.
– – Julie Roberts reveals that there’s a Buddy Miller genre(!), and that’s exactly where she sees herself heading. Among other things, this means that her next album will include versions of “I’m Not Getting Any Better at Goodbye” and “Gasoline and Matches.”

“The comradery we’ve experienced between crews is something I’ve taken away from both tours, just seeing the way that everybody gets along,” Gilbert tells Taste of Country. “We’re forming friend ships for probably the rest of our careers and the rest of our lives.”
– – I was willing to let ‘comradery’ slide, but ‘forming friend ships’? Do better, Taste of Country.

Super xcited about CMA noms…. Huge thanx to u guys for makin this an incredible year…. Now going to soundcheck at Letterman.
– – Jason Aldean. Somehow, it feels less sincere when he can’t be bothered to finish spelling out words that are only one letter away from completion.

Hayes broke onto the country music scene last year with “Storm Warning.” His other hits include “Wanted,” ‘’Somebody’s Heartbreak,” ‘’Love Makes Me” and “Where We Left Off.”
– – The Associated Press must be working from some other definition of hit. Three of those songs haven’t even been on the radio.

She ended up being one of my dear, best friends and gave me a lot of advice. She sang about everything I lived through. I related so much to every single thing she sang about, being a mom, divorce, kids. There was almost an eerie resemblance to our lives.
– – Lorrie Morgan on Tammy Wynette.

The hour and a half show was country music with the flare, muscle and charm that is Wilson’s specialty. Make no mistake, Gretchen Wilson is part of country music royalty.
– – Gretchen Wilson is okay, but country music royalty? Make no mistake, you’re mistaken.

I feel this one is more drawn from our own experiences. I think a lot of that came from the fact Rattlin’ Bones was the first time we’d written together. [The title track] was the first song we’d written together ever, and we hadn’t really found our rhythm yet of how to write and I reckon in some ways it was easier to write about things that weren’t related to us.
– – Kasey Chambers says Wreck & Ruin is more personal than her first album with husband Shane Nicholson.

The new research called “A Day In The Life Of A Country Fan,” will be presented at CRS 2013 according to Executive Director Bill Mayne. CRS says the scope of the project is almost entirely video-based in its methodology and presentation. Known as Ethnographic Research, the study will examine the Country music fan in their day-to-day environment, recording in high-definition video various activities conducted at work, at home, and in their vehicles.
– – In other words, CLOSE YOUR BLINDS. Right now.

It’s hard to say. Even the other night when we played in Reno, it was right there on the edge of a full-on anarchy. But everyone was still getting along. That’s what a lot of these security guards have noticed over the years when I keep coming back. They might look crazy but if you just let the fans take care of themselves, they’ll do it. But if you try to get out there and control them and start throwing everybody out, it’s just going to make things worse. That’s why I always talk to the security guards and let them know we’ve got a rowdy crowd and try to be respectful to them as much as possible.
– – Hank III thinks unruly crowds usually have a way of handling themselves. I’m skeptical…

You know, it did start off as kind of an answer to “Okie From Muskogee” and “Fightin’ Side Of Me” and there was the hippies. It’s the same sort of satire, irony, tongue-in-cheek kind of thing. Jerry Jeff did it and all of a sudden … it crossed over to where the rednecks and their mothers were singing along with it. (laughs) So it’s beyond me. I mean, it’s still a mystery to me. I tried to figure it out … I just sing it and have fun with it. I still do it. It’s good in the arsenal. It’s not like it’s “Feelings.” If I’d written “Feelings” and had to sing that every night, I’d have to kick myself pretty hard.
– – Ray Wylie Hubbard on “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother.”

I’m really excited to get to meet him and probably take a picture with him and probably be a groupie. I love his music. I’ve never gotten to meet him, but my husband actually turned me onto his music.
– – Miranda Lambert on Corb Lund. Girl’s got taste. (Blake Shelton, too?)

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  1. WillieWonkaTHEman says

    I can’t wait til Kenny’s time runs out and he ceases to be the big deal he is. Purely bec uase he annoys me as a country fan.Im not a singer nor a football player but I fail to see the connection between the two. What do I know? Lol

  2. says

    I’ve come to expect inane articles from Taste of Country, but if they can’t even run a simple spell check, that’s a problem. On the other hand, a ‘friend ship’ sounds like it would be quite pleasant to sail on.

    Wow. Gretchen Wilson is decent, but somebody must think of “country music royalty” as an incredibly inclusive club. Does that mean Billy Ray Cyrus is also country music royalty?


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