Quotable Country – 08/26/12 Edition

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We’ve done things where we thought, ‘This is going to sound really different,’ but when you boil it down, it’s like, ‘No, that sounds like us.’ You put the six of us together and have us record something, it’s going to sound like Diamond Rio when we’re done.
– – Diamond Rio’s Gene Johnson.

I don’t know. I called one of the songwriters and I said, ‘Rodney [Clawson], what the heck is drip of honey on the moneymaker?’ He goes, ‘Heck, we don’t even know.’ But that’s the fun part. You can just leave it open. It doesn’t really make sense, but it’s awesome.
– – Luke Bryan finds “Drunk on You” awesome in its meaninglessness.

I feel like I’ve earned a right to be a part of it, you know what I mean? Like, if you come to my shows and think that country people don’t like what I do, then you’re just mistaken. It’s diehard country people that like me.
– – Colt Ford, still baffled by the chilly reception he’s getting from country radio.

I’m afraid to be in a same room as a fiddle. I don’t know, I picked it up and tried it for like months, and then finally realized, ‘You know what, it’s not supposed to happen,’ and I just let it go.
– – Hunter Hayes can play just about any instrument, save for a fiddle or steel guitar. Hmm.

I think she is one of the best girl singers today. She can sing anything.
– – Loretta Lynn on Hunter Hayes. I mean, Carrie Underwood.

For us, a drawback to country music these days was that we couldn’t tell the difference between one voice and another, or between the duos or groups. I know they haven’t all lived the same life; they’re not married to the same people or living in the same houses in the same part of town, yet they all seem to say the exact same thing. It’s important to us to be sure that we were singing about what we know, understand and are living.
– – Rory (of Joey +) thinks more singers ought to try being themselves.

[Charlie] Daniels isn’t hot on labels. “We’re all Americans,” he said. “I’m very conservative on some issues and very liberal on others.”
One of the latter is equal pay for equal work. “Equal pay for women is only sensible — especially since my life is run by three women,” he said.
– – Some writer for The Daily Republic (in Mitchell, South Dakota) tries to paint equal pay for women as one of Charlie Daniels’ radical liberal notions. Fascinating.

There are some bands that I like that are still holding on to the roots of country music. I really like Zac Brown [of The Zac Brown Band].
– – Zac Brown gets the Jett Williams nod of approval. Not bad, beanie-man.

Like I don’t know what to tell [son and fellow musician] Justin [Townes Earle], because he’s operating in a music business completely different to the one that I started in – I come from the ‘80s, I come from where whoever dies with the highest un-recouped figure wins, and that’s not true anymore. People like me who are singer-songwriters in the roots field, we existed in the fringes, we always did – we liked to fool ourselves into thinking that we were important in the scheme of things, but we really weren’t – but there was just so much f**king money that [industry] people could afford to spend money on music that they actually liked, and we benefited from it. Now you’re going to have to figure out how to go and do all those things for yourself.
– – Steve Earle on fundamental changes in the music business.

It’d be me.
– – Billy Joe Shaver, asked who would win in a fight between him, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.

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  1. says

    Of course Billy Joe Shaver would win. He’d shoot first.

    As for Charlie Daniels, he never struck me as hugely conservative. I laugh every time I hear Sean Hannity play his music or rave about his more conservative beliefs. Seems like the man never once listened to “Long Haired Country Boy,” or hell even “Uneasy Rider.”

  2. says

    There seems to be an epidemic of fiddlephobia going around Nashville, with Hunter Hayes being but one of many afflicted individuals.

    • says

      I might be prepared to give Hayes a tiny benefit of the doubt here. The fiddle is my personal favourite instrument, but llistening to a beginner’s efforts can be more painful than listening to Taylor Swift live. If hayes is used to picking up instruments quickly, he may not have been prepared for something more demanding. OTOH it sounds as though he wasn’t taking proper lessons, just trying to pick it up on his own, so he has only himself to blame ;)


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